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Making a Mark in MRO

A wholly-owned subsidiary of MARA Corp, Asia AeroTechnic Sdn Bhd (AAT) is a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services provider for the commercial aviation sector. Under the leadership of Mohd Roslan Ismail – the man responsible for making Malaysia Airlines’ MAS Aerospace Engineering the third-best in the world – the company is aiming to become the top MRO company in the Asia Pacific.

Giving Back to The Nation and Industry

Formed in 2015 as an MRO company and an aerospace learning centre, AAT has trained over 1,500 engineers and technicians and produced over 50 Licensed Aircraft Engineers (LAE) recognised by aviation authorities worldwide. “Human capital development is one way we are contributing to Malaysia’s goal to become a top aerospace nation by 2030. We nurture talents to meet the industry’s demand for skilled aviation personnel,” Mohd Roslan shares.

AAT also plays a role in enhancing Malaysia’s MRO capabilities globally. Today, the company boasts more than 48 clients worldwide. Mohd Roslan explains, “We are the only independent MRO in Malaysia able to work on wide-body aircraft such as the B777 and B747. Our services are recognised by 18 regulatory bodies worldwide, including the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.”

Navigating The Pandemic

During the pandemic, AAT reflected on its work processes and removed any redundancies. However, job cuts were never an option. “Our staff have families to feed, so we decided not to lay off a single person. Instead, we halted recruitment and all of us, collectively, agreed to take wage cuts,” Mohd Roslan reveals.

AAT viewed the pandemic as an opportunity to market itself through digital marketing. It consistently engaged with over 120 airlines and 40 aircraft lessors worldwide to ensure that AAT stayed in clients’ minds. As planned, new business opportunities arose for the company when borders reopened.

AAT also grew its aircraft parking business during this period. “In addition to parking space, grounded aircraft require maintenance and servicing to maintain their airworthiness. So, we saw this as another lucrative space we could venture into,” Roslan adds.

AAT greatly gained from these efforts. As of April 2022, the company’s profits were 56 percent of its annual forecast.

Vision for The Future

Mohd Roslan also emphasises the need to have a solid foundation as part of AAT’s growth journey. “Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are willing to cooperate with us provided we have good infrastructure. So, we have plans to expand our facilities in the next two years and improve our capabilities by actively investing in training.”

Moving forward, the company aims to diversify its portfolio and delve into aerospace design. “Starting with producing components, to ultimately designing our own aircraft – the possibilities are endless. The sky is not the limit. Our goal is to be the best. No one remembers those in 2nd and 3rd place,” he asserts.

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