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China Matters’ Feature: Birding Pals’s Project X in Zhongshan

BEIJING, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The white tern, with black eyes and a black, sharp bill, is a scarce migrant seabird that is completely white. Although widespread around the Pacific, white terns breed only in and around the urban area of Honolulu, Hawaii, which explains why they are called “the official bird of Honolulu“. In Zhongshan, a sister city of Honolulu, nearly 250 bird species have been recorded so far, and this number is expected to rise year on year thanks to its perfect location in Guangdong province, home to the longest coastline in China. It serves as an important refueling station for shore birds.

Have white terns ever visited Zhongshan? How does Zhongshan preserve its ecological environment to attract so many birds to stop by, settle down and breed there?

In this video, China Matters and bird photographer Nicholas Ludovic Green head to Zhongshan Cuiheng National Wetland Park, which boasts a sizable shorebird record, eager to look for the figure of white terns. During the visit, they are learning more about the measures the wetland park has taken to enrich the diversity of species. Also, it’s intriguing that they manage to find some others who are wanting to engage in and support them in completing their mission.

Will they be fortunate enough to find the mysterious, rarely-seen little white terns? What is there to look forward to in other rare but well-known wild animals in Zhongshan?

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