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Converging Market Knowledge with People Skills

The real estate business is not just about selling property. It is about developing relationships, understanding the needs and wants of people and knowing the market like the back of your hand. This is something that Property Hub understands very well. Chief Executive Officer, Benjamin Tee, explains more to International Business Review.

“At Property Hub, we specialise in the sale and rental of upmarket properties. Whether it’s in the primary market where we are engaged by developers or the secondary market or (sub-sale market). We are also involved in the commercial and industrial sector.

We are primarily focused on highly-coveted, landmark areas such as Mont’ Kiara, the KL City Centre, Damansara Heights, Bukit Tunku and Bangsar. Our branch in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is also comprehensively serving the East Malaysian market.

Our international influence and footprint is also expanding, fuelled by a growing expertise and interest in properties in Australia, the UK (mainly London), Singapore, and Thailand (mostly Bangkok) where we provide market insights and access.

A People Business

A lot of people have mistaken us for a real estate business, but I must emphasise that we really are a ‘people business’ where the people here just happen to do real estate.

The name “Property Hub” implies a branching entity from a point of origin. That hub is like lighthouse where passion, professionalism and properties converge, where we provide incisive market insights and outstanding service quality to deliver a premier real estate experience to targeted locations.

Buying a property is a major investment decision and our clients are incredibly savvy people who are as sharp as a tack with facts and figures at their fingertips. So, if our people do not have that same amount of knowledge or more our clients won’t bother dealing with us.

The peerless quality service we provide our clients has been affirmed by us winning the MIEA Residential Agency of the Year award for an unprecedented nine consecutive years from 2012 to 2020. The Thriving Agency and Best Practice Agency at The Star Property Awards Year 2018 is a further testament to the knowledge and abilities of our team.

Think Big, Grow Deep

The events of 2020 inspired us to accelerate our digitalisation initiatives. As such, all our associates are able to access services online and get things done electronically, instead of having to go to the office.

That being said, real estate is such a personal, big ticket item and as such, will always require the personal touch and personal connection. There is no substitute for human interaction, ingenuity and inspiration.

Looking ahead, our dream for Property Hub is not to merely ‘grow big’ per se but to ‘grow deep’ and we want our investors to grow with us, not just in scale but in depth.

Property Hub was founded on a dream to empower and enrich Malaysians through real estate. I’d say that the dream remains the same as we have expanded our impact to people from all over the world.”

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