Thursday, February 22, 2024

Singapore Solar Goes to Water


Developed by a subsidiary company of Sembcorp Industries (SCIL.SI), Singapore is launching one of the world’s most prominent floating solar projects. Located in western Singapore, the initiative is part of the efforts to amplify solar energy production in the region by 2025.

With a total of 122,000 solar panels on the 45-hectare (111.2 acres) site, the solar project is said to produce sufficient electricity for five water treatment plants on the Island. Singapore’s national water agency – PUB, together with Sembcorp Industries subsidiary company, said in a joint statement that the 60 megawatt-peak solar photovoltaic (PV) could help to mitigate climate change by reducing carbon emissions by about 32-kilo tonnes annually.

Unlike traditional solar panels, floating panels are 5% – 15% more effective and have proven to have no significant impact on wildlife or water quality. With the succession of this project, Singapore will be one of the few nations to have a water treatment system fully powered by sustainable energy.

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