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[New Content] Map Event, Time-Limited Gacha, and Time-Limited Shop items added

TOKYO, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Infini-Brain’s Taimanin RPG Extasy has implemented the following update with the maintenance on 2024/2/15. 


■ Update Details

▼Map Event [Inageya’s Ice Cream]

Event Period: 2/15/2024 17:00 ~ 2/29/2024 10:59 (JST)

This is an event where you can guide your Unit to the goal of the Map and earn Reward Units by clearing the Map Missions.

On the Map Event, you can obtain SSR [SCI] Clear Robel from bosses.

Furthermore, there is a fixed chance for a Rare Map to appear on Advanced difficulty.

On a Rare Map, there is also a fixed chance for 【Taimanin Asagi ZERO】Igawa Asagi to be obtained from a treasure chest.

※Items can still be claimed within the designated Exchange Period after the Event Period ends.

※Auto-Pathing will be unlocked after clearing the Advanced difficulty level.

※Map Event reward contents may vary by event.

※In order to reduce the load, the route display will be turned off during Auto-Rematch. We appreciate your understanding.

▼[Time-Limited Pick-Up Premium Gacha]

Gacha Period: 2/15/2024 17:00 ~ 2/29/2024 10:59 (JST)

The following new Units have been added to the game!

  • SSR [NAT] 【Teacher’s Got Chocolate】Kosaka Shizuru
  • SR [SUP] Inhuman Oryo
  • R [SPI] Miriam

During the Time-Limited Pick-Up Gacha, the above 3 units will have a higher drop rate than other Units of the same rarity.

※For more details about the Gacha Rate, please click the “Details” button on the Gacha screen.

※When a new Unit is obtained, the amount of Unit Memory sent to the Present Box corresponding to the rarity obtained will be the following:

SSR Unit: SSR Unit Exclusive Memory x80

SR Unit: SR Memory x30

R Unit: R Memory x30

※When a duplicate Unit is obtained, the amount of Unit Memory sent to the Present Box corresponding to the rarity obtained will be the following:

SSR Unit: SSR Unit Exclusive Memory x40, SSR Memory x30, Gold Eden x5

SR Unit: SR Memory x30, Silver Eden x5

R Unit: R Memory x30, Bronze Eden x5

▼Time-Limited Shop Item [Valentine Mini Set] on sale

For a limited time, the following items will be available for purchase as a set.

Sale Period: 2/15/2024 17:00 ~ 2/29/2024 10:59 (JST)

  • Set Contents

Taima Crystal x100 (Valid for 180 Days)

AP Potion (L) x2

BP Potion (L) x3

※This set can be purchased once per day during the sales period.

※After purchase it will reset at midnight (JST).

■Issue Fixes

  • Optimizations have been implemented to Chat.
  • Fixes an issue where after moving a unit on the Units screen and then clicking the unit would not bring up the Unit Details screen.
  • Fixes an issue where after clicking a unit to display the Unit Details screen while on the Unit Standby screen, using the back button to return would cause the unit to no longer be displayed.
  • Fixes the date display in Arena Ranking when the language is set to English.
  • Removes information that was considered unnecessary in the Previous Arena Ranking screen.

■Additional Implementations

  • Added a button to be able to open and close the Order of Actions during battle.
  • Arena category added to the Help menu.

※Please note that the event/Gacha details and schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

※This Gacha event may be held again in the future.

※When using the browser version, please clear the browser cache, and on game startup please perform the “cache clear” function.

    When using the app version, please perform the “cache clear” function on game startup.

We look forward to your continued adventures in the Taimanin World.

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SOURCE Infini-Brain Inc.

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