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New Ways to Explore Hakone and Atami in 2024

Launching of New Sightseeing Boat “Hakone Yusen SORAKAZE” and Viewing Mount Fuji at Jukkoku Pass

Beautiful Scenery, Hot Springs, and Family Fun – All in One

TOKYO, July 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In February 2024, FUJI KYUKO CO., LTD. launched a new sightseeing boat called “Hakone Yusen SORAKAZE” on Lake Ashi in the Hakone area, themed as “The Green Park Floating on Lake Ashi”. The company has also introduced the latest leisure resort facility of “Jukkoku Pass“, near Lake Ashi in February 2022. This new resort in a historically rich and traditional tourist area aims to become a popular destination for foreign tourists. In addition to Hakone, visitors can also tour famous hot springs like Atami and the secluded island called “Hatsushima“, enhancing the region’s vibrancy.

Left: In the Lake Ashi of Hakone area, the new sightseeing boat “Hakone Yusen SORAKAZE” is themed as “The Green Park Floating on Lake Ashi”. Top right: Various lemon-themed photo spots are available throughout “PICA Hatsushima”. Bottom right: Enjoy various lemon-themed dishes at the island restaurant ENAK in “PICA Hatsushima”.

New Sightseeing Boat “Hakone Yusen SORAKAZE Blending Environment and Nature

The sightseeing boat “Hakone Yusen SORAKAZE” not only offers easy access to various key attractions in Hakone but also allows passengers to enjoy the natural scenery of Lake Ashi. Designed by Japanese designer Mr. Yasuyuki Kawanishi with the theme of “The Green Park Floating on Lake Ashi”, the boat features an outdoor deck covered with natural grass and a stern adorned with green decorations, blending harmoniously with the surrounding environment. It is expected to become a new symbol of Hakone tourism.

You can board the “Hakone Yusen SORAKAZE” at Hakone-Sekishoato Port, Moto-Hakone Port, or Hakone-en Port, with options to get on and off at various points or choose a round-trip ticket that takes about 30 to 50 minutes. The boat offers comfortable indoor and outdoor seating; on clear days, you might even see Mount Fuji.

The third floor, KAZE DECK, features natural grass, swing seats, and a Mount Fuji-shaped deck for taking photos, creating a park-like space that elevates the travel experience into something comfortable and fun. The onboard shop offers original souvenirs like Mount Fuji-shaped sweets, available only on the “Hakone Yusen SORAKAZE”, allowing passengers to enjoy their sightseeing experience fully.

Jukkoku Pass Between Hakone and Hot Spring Resort Atami! A New Scenic Photo Spot

Located between Hakone and the hot spring resort Atami, “Jukkoku Pass” is 770 meters above sea level, offering a 360-degree view of natural scenery. Named for its view of ten ancient provinces of Japan, on clear days, you can see Mount Fuji, the Southern Alps, and the Suruga Bay area from Jukkoku Pass. Due to its convenient location, it can be included in your Hakone and Atami itinerary.

You can reach the summit station by taking the Jukkoku Pass Panoramic Cable Car, which takes only 3 minutes one way. The summit features observation facilities and a café where you can relax while enjoying the view. The café’s churros, which are shaped like the character “Pass” (“Pass” is a unique Chinese character in Japanese, which means mountain or vertex), are perfect for photos.

For unique accommodations, the glamping facility “THE GLAMPING Hakone Jukkoku Pass” offers 14 villa-style units with seven different types, outdoor BBQ areas, some units with saunas and rooftop terraces for stargazing at night.

In-Depth Tokyo Suburbs Travel Plan! After Exploring Hakone, Visit the Famous Hot Spring Resort Atami

After exploring Hakone, if you want to delve deeper into the surrounding areas, Atami is a famous hot spring resort in Japan that is highly recommended. It’s a short 30-minute bus ride from Hakone or a 40–50-minute direct Shinkansen ride from Tokyo Station, making it very accessible.

Atami is renowned for its frequent sea fireworks displays. The “Atami Seaside Spa & Resort” offers sea-view rooms in all accommodations, buffet-style breakfast, and buffet-style dinner with around 80 options, mainly fresh seafood such as sashimi and grilled seafood. The hotel also features large public baths and open-air hot springs with hot spring water directly sourced from the spring. For those seeking privacy, private baths are also available for rent at an additional cost.

Secluded Resort Island Hatsushima in Atami! Fun Family Day Trip

A 30-minute high-speed boat ride from Atami Port takes you to the resort island “Hatsushima“, the closest offshore island to the Tokyo metropolitan area. You can enjoy a day trip or stay at the island’s Glamping facilities. Atami is known as the birthplace of Japanese lemons, and since “Hatsushima” is close to Atami, the resort complex “PICA Hatsushima” in Hatsushima features many Instagrammable lemon-themed photo spots. The seaside swing is a must-visit for everyone, and the unique island-style dishes add to the charm. The restaurant “ENAK” offers a variety of lemon-themed dishes, including blue Hatsushima burgers, lemon pancakes, and honey lemon parfaits, all visually appealing and creatively designed.

The adventure experience facility “SARUTOBI” in PICA Hatsushima involves walking on trees and climbing gear, providing a thrilling experience with sea views, suitable for children over five years old to enjoy with adults.

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SOURCE Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd.

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