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SUPERLIFE WORLD: A Super Journey to Success

“Health is Wealth”, so the old saying goes, and one company that knows this well is SuperLife World. A direct selling company known for its health products, SuperLife has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2017, to more than 40 countries throughout the world, in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. Founder and CEO, Lai Tek Kean, shares the story of SuperLife’s journey and the road ahead for the company.

“There are many things that make us different. For instance, we started out first in Africa, mainly because of the size of the market and also because people there are more receptive to entrepreneurial opportunities. So, I like to emphasise that although we are not Africans, metaphorically we were born in Africa. Another distinction we have is that our raw materials are procured from the UK, Switzerland and Germany. However, our products are manufactured by our partners here because Malaysia is a leader in OEM for health products.

This also enables us to be competitive in terms of pricing our products. If we were to import products that are manufactured overseas, the costs would be relatively higher and it would be difficult to price the products competitively in the African market.

We work closely with the renowned Switzerland-based biotechnology ingredient expert, Mibelle Group. Our products are manufactured in GMP-compliant facilities with stringent quality control, and we have obtained the ISO and FDA certifications, which is an important testament for our quality standards. This enables us to attest that we are an organisation with products and services that meet high quality standards.

I am also pleased by how we have managed to improve the lives of our distributors through our platform. We pay commissions on a daily basis, and our payout rate is about 65 percent, which is the maximum allowed according to the Malaysian Direct Selling Association. The average industry payout rate is about 30-40 percent. Today, we have more than 750,000 active distributors around the world and we are proud to have helped them transform their lives by providing them the means to earn income.

I am also proud to announce that we have experienced strong growth amid this global pandemic. Last year (2020), our number of distributors worldwide increased by more than 81 percent and our sales grew by 83 percent.

The Road Ahead

We aspire for SuperLife World to be regarded as not just a direct selling company, but a biotechnology company that is contributing positively to the health industry. We also aim to run entrepreneurship camps to train and empower more entrepreneurs to be successful in this industry. Furthermore, we look forward to establishing our very own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Malaysia and even our own Research and Development Centre.

My vision for SuperLife World is to build a holistic ecosystem underpinned by the spirit of integrity and kindredness. We want to create localised operations on a global scale, where operations are seamless in every country, and members will have an established and effective platform to build their business network with SuperLife. This is our vision of ‘One World, One System’.

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