Friday, February 23, 2024

Alibaba Invests US$ 1 Billion to Expand Cloud Operations into the Phillipines

Aliyun, Alibaba Cloud – a subsidiary company of Alibaba Group that focuses on cloud computing services to online businesses is expanding its presence across the Southeast Asia region.

With the launching of its first data centre in the Philippines, the Group’s US$1 billion project aims to further amplify its reach for machine learning, data analytics, security and elastic compute services.

The development, which is planned to be constructed in Manila, is expected to provide 76 availability zones across 25 regions globally, essentially lead to the development of the digital economy in Asia by leveraging on the synergy with other hubs in the region.

With the development of data centre focusing on cloud technology, local businesses across various sectors in the Philippines can adopt more efficient data management in each organisation to better position themselves to capture the emerging opportunities in the country. 

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