Friday, February 23, 2024

The Climb

Hope is the strongest weapon you can give an entrepreneur. Hope fuels the spirit, gives him clarity of vision, and the courage of lions. It makes him a fighter.

And fighters fight for a cause, a vision, a conviction. They are committed to a sense of purpose larger than them. They have pride in who they are and what they stand for and they don’t quit until the battle is won.

But there is always another battle. Another challenge, A bigger idea floating on the coattails of a newly won success. The battles are the best part of them all. And so…. they go on to fight more battles, bloody but unbowed, relishing the adrenaline rush . The game of life is always about conflict and managing it. There is no such thing as winning, there are only perspectives.

These fighters never have it easy. But entrepreneurs don’t choose easy. They choose the path less trodden by. They go against the grain, unravelling problems, providing solutions, rebuilding broken systems so that the lives of people who depend on them are made easier.

As V said in V For Vendetta, Ideas Are Bulletproof. An idea creeps into hearts and minds and it stays there, germinating and sometimes, like a desert flower struggling out from the parched cracks of a sun baked rock, they turn out to be tremendous successes.

The flower that blooms in adversity, as the saying goes, is the rarest and most beautiful flower of them all.

Business is nothing more than people. You are not sold merely by the product, or a service, you are sold by the people behind it, the story behind the name, you buy into a conviction, you are sold a promise …by people.

And if you think of business as a dense mass of people, then every business has a soul.

And that soul yearns to be recognized, to speak about who it is and what it does and where it takes flight to. When you build a business big enough to warrant global recognition you can bet that business now has a mind and soul of its own, you are just relegated to riding it.

Unleashing that soul and letting the spokespersons for these businesses talk about why each organization here has a uniqueness unlike any other is just so much fun to do.

There is magic in words. Words are spells. They define our future if used well and often.

Especially when they are strung together in stories you create that defines who you are and what you will become. The sheer creativity of a good story is what gives one company the edge over the others.

This world is built on stories that have been told and sold. There are stories, good stories and great stories. And then there are stories that are never told.

For me, that is always such a tragedy. Which is why I enjoy my work. I get to storytell for the world.

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