Sunday, May 19, 2024

Elyna Effendi – Executive Producer/Director, Fe2 Productions

With stunning model looks and a killer smile to match, Elyna is a loving mother, stylish and charismatic; but don’t let the homely dedication and polished exterior betray her tenacious fire and determined leadership streak.

The Executive Producer/Director at Fe2 Productions is as natural behind a television camera – sleeves rolled-up, the chess-master controlling the scene – as she is posing elegantly in front of the lens. It is careless to point to her successful family background as the ticket to her success because if you’re looking for entitlement, you’ve come to the wrong woman.

She works long and hard: her efforts to bring the iconic Laureus World Sports Awards to Malaysia being a classic example of her determination and tireless behind-the-scenes endeavour, while measured business risks have broadened the shared professional portfolio of Elyna and her husband.

 She’s a self-described ‘kook’ but to us, that is really a misguided synonym for ‘genuine’:  she dares to wield an energetic personality and burst out with laughter in a high-society of quietly-controlled smiles. At the dinner table she’ll firework into life, filling the night with easy, interesting conversation about the tales  and trappings of the entertainment world and the fascinating craft of cinematography. And if you fail to raise a smile at least once, you might want to check your circuit board and install a sense of humour upgrade.

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