Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Karen Agustiawan: More Than A Survivor

Born and raised in Indonesia, Agustiawan embarked on a remarkable journey that saw her ascend to prominent positions within the energy sector, leaving a lasting impression on the industry. 

Originally from Passions – Vol. 56. This article has now been reimagined for the digital age, here exclusively on VOICE OF ASIA.

Karen Agustiawan is three-times a record breaker in Indonesia – the first woman to be appointed President-Director of state-owned oil & gas company Pertamina, the first President-Director in more than 20 years to not be fired before the term ended, and the first (in that same time frame) to be given a second five-year term in office. The extension was only to be expected, considering the impressive results achieved during her time in charge, including record high profits of US$2.67 billion in 2012 – up 18.4% from 2011. Tasked with improving both upstream and downstream activities, Agustiawan has led the way by negotiating the acquisition of oil and gas assets in Algeria, Oman and Iraq, as well as boosting domestic production by investing in technology.

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