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Reza Nurhilman – Founder of PT Maicih Inti Sinergi

Reza Nurhilman, a successful Bandung businessman, is well-known for his legendary chip business, dubbed as Maicih, which generates up to Rp 7 billion per month. Maicih chips were first advertised in 2010 with social media promotions in which Reza would drive across Bandung while updating his location on Twitter so that potential buyers could find him.

Maicih is well-known among customers today for its distinct flavours and level of spiciness, which can cater to a wide range of people and their preferences.

The Start of Maicih Legacy

Maicih’s business was initially inspired by spicy chips sold by a grandmother who lived nearby his house when he was a kid. At first, Reza had only subscribed to buy the chips before finally daring to sell them to his classmates. Reza was then able to brand his business as “Maicih” – which means a motherly figure, after receiving positive responses from his classmates.

In 2010, Reza began experimenting with new recipes, including one for cassava chips snacks, with the main menu emphasising the spicy flavour. He expanded on the concept when he partnered with a snack company in Cimahi City.

Window to Success

When he first started, the first generation of Maicih chips was produced at 50 packs per day with an initial capital of Rp. 15 million. Following his passion, coupled with hard work and excellent advertising skills, it didn’t take long for Maicih products to become popular in Bandung and, eventually, throughout Indonesia.

Today, Maicih customers can see the location of the agents and resellers directly scattered in crowded places like campuses, offices, and schools through social media platforms.

Starting a business, according to Reza, entails having the courage to take risks and the ability to conduct business without profit as the end goal.

Additionally, business owners must be creative in order to create personal branding that resonates well with consumers, especially given the fierce competition in the Indonesian culinary industry.

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