Thursday, September 15, 2022

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Democratising Ownership Of Media for Southeast Asia

VOICE OF ASEAN is the first ever Pan ASEAN business networking and information portal that presents regional business activities, government policies, corporate and government personalities, trends and heartland opinions from the ground by bringing business trends, policy-making and the movers and shakers of Southeast Asia to a global audience.


A Night of Networking & Camaraderie Highlights

On 24 June, we hosted our first ever Investor Dinner. Held at Novotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre, the event was attended by some of the who’s who of Malaysia including captains of industry, investors, diplomats and the media who came to find out just why VOICE OF ASEAN is the next hot investment prospect.

Datuk Seri Paul Chong, the Managing Partner of Knights Capital Partners and Venture Partner of ARC Group, a former Executive Director at Goldman Sachs – who has listed some of the largest telco and semiconductor companies in Asia Pacific – kicked things off with an amazing speech.

He said, “Make no mistake, the media is exceedingly powerful, it is so powerful that you don’t know it is shaping your thoughts. It is positioning your opinions, changing your narratives from right under your nose without
you knowing.

Tonight we see the size of Datuk Beatrice’s vision and hopefully she brings us there as she tells us more about VOICE OF ASEAN. This region is going
to be the driving growth of the world, the only region that can rival China in terms of population and GDP growth. Imagine being able to put together governments, corporates, trade councils, and chambers of commerce. She’s like Spider-Woman, being able to web and bring everybody together.”

Testimonials from Our Guests

"The potential of economic growth for ASEAN is probably the highest, compared to Europe, compared to America, even in China. For VOICE OF ASEAN to be here tonight to talk about how to get up and stand together and make it happen even faster is something that it has done at the right time. The timing is perfect."

Koon Poh Min

Executive Vice Chairman, Press Metal Holdings

“The VOICE OF ASEAN is a refreshing idea, one that very few has thought of and I am excited to see an idea like this that is very close to home, in a space that is rather uncommon. I think this marriage of digital and media could lead to a big boom of business opportunities and networking. Once this catches on, people would go full force into it.”

Kanan Packrisamy

Chief Operations and Finance Officer, Herbal Pharm, Singapore

“VOICE OF ASEAN is a good platform that aims to have a profiling of all 10 ASEAN countries, whereby we can have the knowledge or information in one collective platform.”

Jamilah Hassan

Senior Director of ASEAN Economic Integration Division, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)

“I think it’s a very good initiative as Southeast Asia is going to be the growth engine of the region and would drive the global economy. The platform brings everything together, to provide a holistic view of how the region is progressing, who and what is driving the decision, the impact of it, it is a great initiative. Kudos to Dato Beatrice. We would love to be part of the tribe as she calls it. We are not investors; we are part of the tribe.”

Syamantak Dhar

Private Investor

“Congratulations and kudos to Datuk Beatrice for that energetic and information packed presentation. I feel that VOICE OF ASEAN is a platform that is able to connect Malaysia with the ASEAN world in the context of social, economic, business, culture and more. It is a really great initiative and Datuk Beatrice’s prowess will surely be utilised to help expand the economic sector. In this post pandemic world, we (ASEAN countries) can no longer move alone but together as a team. I see this (VOICE OF ASEAN) as an amazing opportunity for investors to back.”

Datuk Seri Dr. Irmohizam Ibrahim

Executive Director, World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur

"VOICE OF ASEAN is a great platform with a lot of potential, connecting businesses in the region together under one platform will greatly benefit each of the 10 ASEAN countries."

Tun Tint Wai

Second Secretary, Embassy of Myanmar

“The potential of the region is immense, but no one has been able to crack the ASEAN formula so to speak. I think the VOICE OF ASEAN is a really good attempt to bring these 10 countries together on a single platform to really explore the growth and collaboration potential of the countries from a business perspective.”

Sayf Ismail

Director of Corporate Engagement, Asia School of Business

“Just like what Datuk Beatrice said previously, when you control the media, you control the world, you are the King. With the establishment of VOICE OF ASEAN, not only will it make the country proud, it will also lift the standard of the media industry in general. And when we talk about why investors choose to invest, we look at the potential of an organisation in the future. We see that the VOICE OF ASEAN, with this virtual networking platform, it has a high potential in five to 10 years’ time.”

Datuk Muhammad Shukri Muhammad

CEO, Tracol Capital

"VOICE OF ASEAN is led by a very powerful woman so I believe it will be a successful venture."

Calvin Chin

Director, Calvin Grayson Assets

"I think it is quite a good potential for the region and ultimately the country and yes of course, it is a great opportunity for investors to jump in."

Adrian Wong Kian Leon

Managing Diretor, CCA Consulting

"Why should investors choose to invest in the VOICE OF ASEAN? Because VOICE OF ASEAN is the only channel in the media field that is like this. It is the only media agency that connects governments, businesses and media together. That is why investors must choose VOICE OF ASEAN."

Datuk Abdullah Hillmee Rifin

COO, Tracol Capital

"I think VOICE OF ASEAN is a good proposition. The business model itself is viable. There are a couple of things that an investor will look into. First of all, is the people - that is the person behind it. You have Datuk Beatrice and I think that is a good, good, good component. So you have the right person with the right business model with the whole team plus the execution, it should be perfect."

Steven Wong

Chief Digital & Global Banking Strategist, China Construction Bank Malaysia

“In my opinion, ASEAN will be the focus of the world in the future, especially Indonesia, as by 2030 it will be the 4th largest economy in the world. There’s a lot of potential for other countries to follow suit such as Vietnam, Philippines and others. The opportunities are there and what Datuk Beatrice has done is excellent, in inviting potential business from the (region). I am glad that I attended this session and those around me are assessing our proposal. We hope a lot of it can materialise. For me, I’ve been in Indonesia and Philippines. That is what I have experience in and definitely I would encourage those who want to expand overseas, like VOICE OF ASEAN, to look at this route.”

Tan Sri Siti Sa'diah

Chairman of the Board, Duopharma

“It provides equity for everyone. It democratises the ownership to put your voice out there, that would translate into you having ownership into certain market sectors that you’d want to excel in. That’s how I see the true value of VOICE OF ASEAN. What is exciting about VOICE OF ASEAN is the fusion of technology, a good business idea and the democratisation of ownership amongst the business community. These three components are the primary ingredients for success moving forward.”

Dr. Rezal Khairi Ahmad

CEO, NanoMalaysia

"The idea is great; I was quite impressed with the vision to have the venture expand into the middle east like the Qatar market as there are a lot of potential out there. Especially when Qatar has the Islamic Business Hub and have many facilities for new ventures."

Nizam Shah

Chartered Accountant, A.Nizam Shah & Co