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CSCEC LAND launches its cultural land product brand, setting a benchmark in the cultural housing industry.

CSCEC LAND is a real estate development company under China Construction First Building Corporation Limited, abbreviated as C-LAND

BEIJING, April 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On April 21st, the 2024 CSCEC LAND Cultural Land Brand Launch Ceremony, themed “A Thousand Years of Cultural Heritage, Uniquely New Today,” was grandly held at the Beijing Water Cube.

Attending were heavyweights from the architectural and cultural sectors, such as the former Deputy Minister of Culture and the first Director of the National Museum, Pan Zhenzhou; National First-Class Actor, Vice Chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Chairman of the China Dramatists Association, Pu Cunxin; Professor Qian Wenz Hong from the History Department of Fudan University; Liu Chang, Director of the Institute of Architectural History and Heritage Preservation at Tsinghua University and Curator of the China Architectural Society Memorial Museum; Wu Yuxia, a National First-Class Performer and renowned contemporary Pipa musician; and cultural scholar and famous host Zhao Pu.

Leaders from China State Construction, China Construction First Building Corporation Limited, and CSCEC LAND, along with representatives from over a hundred mainstream media and strategic partners, attended the brand launch. The event was also supported by live broadcasts from multiple media outlets, with more than 10 million viewers watching online. The online and offline audiences witnessed a significant moment as CSCEC LAND completed a strategic upgrade of its cultural real estate brand.

Continuing the Chinese Cultural Vein: Undertaking the Cultural Mission of the New Era

Hosted by famous presenter Zhao Pu, the launch began with the classical folk music performance ” Dragon Rising, flame Passed on” Subsequently, former Deputy Minister of Culture and Director of the National Museum, Pan Zhenzhou, delivered a speech. He emphasized that Chinese architecture, a crucial part of China’s excellent traditional culture, carries both historical and cultural weight. “It is through continual inheritance and innovation that we can maintain the vitality of our culture,” he stated. The launch of the cultural land product brand reflects the thoughtful responsibility of CSCEC LAND towards enhancing the beautiful life of the people and the contemporary vitality of traditional architecture.

Professor Qian Wenzhong of Fudan University followed with a speech themed “Guarding Tradition, Inheriting Chinese Culture.” He highlighted that architecture is the most tangible and affectionate means of expressing and interpreting culture. “CSCEC LAND concept of cultural real estate fills our living spaces with culture and dreams, demonstrating cultural awareness and responsibility,” he noted.

Architecture is a living fossil of traditional culture, allowing us to travel through history and see the beauty of China in time. On the occasion of the 123rd anniversary of the birth of Liang Sicheng, the father of modern Chinese architecture, CSCEC LAND released on-site a documentary film on the history of Chinese architecture, “China in Architecture”, which is a tribute to our forefathers and an incentive to ourselves. As a matter of fact, since 2020, as a central enterprise, CSCEC LAND has been insisting on the road of cultural real estate by way of cultural transmission, so that the traditional Chinese culture, which has lasted for thousands of years, can be left behind and passed down in the buildings.

Cultural Transmission of New China: Embracing Traditional Culture with Contemporary Architecture

“The revival of culture is inevitably going to have architecture as its main direction. Architects should know their cultural roots and incorporate local traditions and culture.” Liang Sicheng, the father of modern Chinese architecture, tersely lamented in the past, but now it has become the unswerving pursuit and vision of CSCEC LAND. How to make contemporary architecture embrace traditional culture and reshape China with contemporary aesthetics is the direction that CIIC has been exploring and practising over the years.

Wu Guoqiang, General Manager of CSCEC LAND, took “Culture Transmits to a New China” as the main theme of his speech, and for the first time, he systematically elaborated on CIIC’s original intention of practicing cultural real estate, the concept of creating cultural works, and the outlook and expectation for the transmission of culture to a new China. He said that culture will be a part of what we must pay attention to, no matter from the trend of the needs of the times or the historical mission and responsibility.

“As a central enterprise, CSCEC LAND has the responsibility, ability and willingness to carry the banner of cultural renaissance.” Taking the Tang style and Song rhyme as its base, CSCEC LAND combines the pinnacle representatives of thousands of years of traditional Chinese culture in terms of craftsmanship level, artistic aesthetics, and lifestyle with contemporary craftsmanship and practical needs, and successfully creates one after another acclaimed and popular cultural real estate works through the contemporary translation of learning from the past and not sticking to the past. In the near future, CSCEC LAND will also make traditional culture integrated into architecture and life in terms of ancient building protection, CSCEC LAND of traditional architectural research, and cultural scene innovation.

Renewing a More Beautiful China: The Path of Cultural Housing Officially Launched

A cultural real estate practice film, “Transmitting New and More Beautiful China”, reproduces every aspect of cultural residential development of CSCEC LAND. Since the launch of the first cultural real estate work CSCEC LAND in 2020, China Construction Wisdom has insisted on non-standardised design and the concept of cultural residential camping that learns from the past but does not stick to the past, which has also become the source of inspiration for the brand’s continuous innovation in the field of cultural real estate.

“Building a home is not only about building a place to live in, but also about creating a home for emotions and a container for spiritual support, and culture is the best carrier to support emotions.” The vice president of CSCEC LAND, Wang Qiong, in his speech “Cultural Housing in China,” shared the company’s practice stories in Tang and Song cultural housing through the examples of China Construction Chenyuan and Beijing Guoxian Mansion, illustrating the company’s deep respect and meticulous research aimed at authentically restoring Tang and Song aesthetics from the two dimensions of French building and gardening.

Whether it is the inheritance and innovation of the proportion of openings, building components and traditional patterns in architecture, or the translation and reproduction of poems and paintings, urban mountains and forests, and the four seasons of living and travelling in the garden, CSCEC LAND has always been respecting and researching in order to realise the pure restoration of the aesthetics of the Tang and Song dynasties. In order to make the works stand up to cultural scrutiny, CIIC, on the basis of the original traceability, translation, and transmission of the new, joined hands with the China Construction Association to commemorate the establishment of a research organisation on traditional Chinese architecture, the Zhi Research Society, so that the beauty of traditional Chinese architecture will continue to move forward in the transmission of the heart and hand to hand.

The launch also included cultural exhibitions such as “Chinese Attire and Etiquette,” “Elegant Assembly of China,” and “Chinese Architecture,” alongside performances like Pu Cunxin and Wu Yuxia’s rendition of the Tang poem “Pipa Xing,” Wu Yuxia’s Pipa solo “The moon over the river on a spring night”, “Dragon Rising, flame Passed on”, and the poetic Dance “The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting” conveyed the diversified and tolerant side of traditional Chinese culture to the people, and the beautiful aspirations of CSCEC LAND for the future scenario of traditional culture and life.

As a pioneer in the field of cultural real estate, CSCEC LAND will rely on the quality construction strength of China Construction and its rich experience in cultural residential camps, continue to uphold the development concept of “intelligent creation of a better life” to create more human settlements with cultural connotations, and to lead the way of cultural inheritance and innovation in China’s real estate industry.

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