Friday, June 21, 2024

Vietnam’s Bac Lieu Province Doubles Efforts to Attract RE Investment

In the nation’s effort towards sustainable development, the Bac Lieu province in the Vietnam is planning to attract domestic and foreign investments to its clean and renewable energy initiative.

Director of the Bac Lieu Department of Planning and Investment – Huynh Chi Nguyen, said that the Bac Lieu province comprises of the 99.2-MW wind power plant and has attracted 19 other wind power projects with a combined capacity over 4,000 MW.

The province is planning to increase its total capacity of power sources to about 9,780 MW by 2030, of which wind power constitutes 5,000 MW, solar power 1,550 MW, and gas power 3,200 MW.

The province will also seek to ensure proper power distribution in accordance with environmental criteria, examine electricity use, and create ideal circumstances for private sector participation in the sector.

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