Monday, December 11, 2023

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Cambodia Opts for Coal-Fired Electricity to Address Hydropower Shortage

Cambodia is planning to substitute insufficient hydropower in the nation with coal-fired power plants. The initiative includes a 700 MW coal-fired facility funded by Sinosteel in Koh Kong province's concession-covered Botum Sakor National Park and a 265 MW coal-fired...


Hun Sen – Prime Minister, Cambodia

“The effect of corruption that we should not overlook is the loss of public confidence in the government which is a cause to weaken national unity and impede economic development.”



Benigno Aquino III, Former President of Philippines

“An empowered government, supported by the people, in turn empowers its people.”

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The Mission to Transform Australia

An Interview with Victor Kline and Steve Keen  In moments when it is necessary to confront corrupt leaders and governments, most people fall in two...

War Against Reality – War Againsts Woman

In Western society, there appears to be a disproportionate emphasis, driven by the media and governments, on promoting the concept of unlimited gender self-identification...

The Death of Free Speech

AND THE DANGEROUS RISE OF THE ILLIBERAL LEFT  245 years ago the famed French philosopher Voltaire is reputed to have said, “I disapprove of what...

The Hijacking of Feminism

8 years ago I believed in what Feminism stood for, which is to level the playing field so that women and men are given...