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2023 Cultural Tourism Promotion Indonesia Special Event in Chengdu, China successfully landed

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On September 29, the 2023 China Chengdu Cultural Tourism Promotion Indonesia special event “Meet in the Park City·Roam Happy Chengdu”, hosted by the China Chengdu Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, undertaken by Chengdu Media Group and executed by Chengdu International Media Co., Ltd., was held in Jakarta. 40 people including representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Indonesian Tourism Association and other local government agencies, representatives from tourism companies, and representatives from tourism experts attended the event. The event also held the unveiling ceremony of the Chengdu Cultural Tourism Promotion Image Exhibition. The image exhibition lasted from September 29 to October 1 and was open to the Indonesian public for free, bringing a visual feast of Chengdu to the Indonesian people up close.

Photos from the event

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Chengdu Cultural Tourism Enters Indonesia

Photos from the event
Photos from the event

For a long time, Sichuan and Indonesia have had close exchanges in sister cities, economy and trade, education, culture and tourism and other fields. Chengdu, the international gateway hub in the west, and Jakarta, Indonesia’s land and sea transportation hub, are only five hours’ flight away from each other. They are another important bridge from Asia to Oceania and are of great significance to promoting intra-regional economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges.

At the event, Mr. Adila Chaerman, Head of East Asia Tourism Marketing of the Regional Marketing Bureau of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, delivered a speech, saying that Chengdu is the home of giant pandas. this city is destined to be full of friendship and harmony, and the peace messenger giant panda is the best footnote. The leisure and comfortable life of Chengdu people even attracts tourists from all over the world. Chengdu is known as “a city that you don’t want to leave once you arrive.” Finally, he sincerely hoped that both parties will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation. Everyone is invited to walk around the streets of Chengdu, take a look, taste delicious food, enjoy the beautiful scenery, meet pandas, and experience the charm and happiness of Chengdu for themselves.

Top 10 Inbound Travel Boutique Routes

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Since 2015, as shown in the “Chengdu Statistical Yearbook”, Indonesia has also been Chengdu’s main source market and has entered the top ten source countries many times. In this promotion, “Chengdu’s Top Ten Inbound Tours” has attracted strong interest from Indonesian tourism industry players.

The “Top Ten Excellent Itineraries for Inbound Tours from Chengdu” include “Inheriting Craftsmanship – Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour”, “Taste of Shu – Elegance of Chengdu“, “Chasing the Three Kingdoms – Starting from Jinguan”, “Feng Yun in the Ancient Capital – Learning from the Ancient and the Present”, “See Chengdu in Rongbao – Dynamic New City”, “Rural Aesthetics – Art Journey“, “Warm Sunshine in Winter – Park City under the Snow Mountains”, “Journey through the Secret Land of the West”, and “Modern City – Twin Cities Life Journey”. Each has its own characteristics and highlights Chengdu’s great importance and sincerity to Indonesian tourists.

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