DrinkAid Marks Its Third Anniversary with an Exclusive Partnership with Singapore’s Top Artistic Talent — Tobyato, Jaeyelle, and JONT


SINGAPORE, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DrinkAid, Singapore’s pioneering health supplement brand that alleviates the side effects of alcohol, marks its third anniversary with an exclusive partnership with Singapore’s top artistic talent — Tobyato, Jaeyelle, and JONT. 

The limited edition boxes, released at only 1000 boxes per design, were launched on September 22nd and underscores the brand’s commitment to exploring the intersection of local creativity and well-being. This has resulted in an unprecedented collaboration in the supplement industry.


  • Tobyato: Known for his collaborations with international brands like Asics and Levi’s, and locally appreciated murals at Shake Shack in Great World City.
  • Jaeyelle: An acclaimed illustrator featured in FEMALE magazine and UNIQLO tees, whose ethereal style breathes new life into DrinkAid’s packaging.
  • JONT: A mixed media artist with international exposure, famous for his work with Beyond the Vines and featured installations at the ArtScience Museum.

“As a proud local brand, we explored using our brand as a platform for artists to showcase their creativity. This culminated in this one-of-a-kind collaboration with three local artists. We hope this paves the way for creatives to play a bigger role in important daily-use products, and for our designs to serve as a keepsake for our third anniversary” said Ryan Foo, co-founder of DrinkAid.

The limited edition DrinkAid boxes by Tobyato, Jaeyelle, and JONT
The limited edition DrinkAid boxes by Tobyato, Jaeyelle, and JONT


The launch of these exquisite, limited edition DrinkAid boxes serves to:

  • Encourage the ‘Support Local‘ movement by partnering exclusively with Singapore-based artists and showcasing their talents
  • Provide giveaways to DrinkAid customers as a nod of gratitude for three years of support.

“DrinkAid is a brand I trust whenever I have long nights, so I was very excited when Ryan approached me for a collaboration. I hope both new and existing customers appreciate the never-before-seen artwork on the limited-edition boxes!” said Toby “Tobyato” Tan.

Studio display of the limited edition DrinkAid boxes. These collectible boxes are a nod to collaborations between artists and brands in Singapore.
Studio display of the limited edition DrinkAid boxes. These collectible boxes are a nod to collaborations between artists and brands in Singapore.


  • First Movers: Since its inception in 2020, DrinkAid has been a market pioneer, highlighted in national media outlets such as Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Mothership and Vulcan Post.
  • Retail Expansion: 2023 saw DrinkAid break into big-box retail with placements in Unity Pharmacy, Cheers Convenience Store, and HAOmart, among others
  • Scientific Breakthroughs: DrinkAid stands alone as the only product in the market clinically studied and proven by Singapore’s top research institutions, including National University of Singapore (NUS) and Temasek Polytechnic (TP).

“We are not just celebrating three years of DrinkAid. We are celebrating three years of real impact on people’s lives, delightful interactions with our community, and pioneering scientific breakthroughs. We are proudly representing Singapore on the global stage, pushing boundaries in a way no other supplement brand has” added Solomon Poon, co-founder of DrinkAid.


The limited edition DrinkAid boxes are available only in Singapore and can be found on DrinkAid’s website, www.drinkaid.co 

$19.90 SGD per box

For more information, please visit https://drinkaid.co/products/complete-alcohol-defence-anniversary-edition


DrinkAid is the world’s first alcohol wellness brand that protects Asian drinkers from the harmful side effects of alcohol such as hangovers, Asian flush and nausea. DrinkAid launched its flagship product in August 2020 and turned profitable within 7 days.

DrinkAid was incubated by Singapore Management University’s Business Innovations Generator (BIG).

Since then, DrinkAid has become a leader in the Alcohol Wellness space in Singapore, selling over 150,000 boxes. The homegrown startup has been taking steps to replicate its success in other territories.


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