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Meet in the Park City and Roam Happy Chengdu: 2023 Chengdu Cultural Tourism Promotion Thailand Special Event Pulled off A Feat

BANGKOK, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — To keep deepening pragmatic cooperation and exchange between Chengdu and Thailand in the cultural tourism industry, vigorously promote cultural tourism consumption, and attract Thai tourists to Chengdu for sightseeing, on September 29, the 2023 Chengdu Cultural Tourism Promotion Thailand Special Event “Meet in Park City·Roam Happy Chengdu” was hosted by Chengdu Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, undertaken by Chengdu Media Group, co-organized by Thailand-China Tourism Chamber of Commerce, and executed by Chengdu International Media Co., Ltd. at Siam Discovery, Bangkok.

Photos from the event
Photos from the event

Mutual love

Sign a strategic agreement to seek common cooperation

The promotion meeting was full of Bashu characteristics and Tianfu charm. The event kicked off with the Chengdu characteristic performance “Long Mouth Pot Kungfu Tea Art”. Sichuan Opera face-changing and fire-breathing performances with Tianfu cultural characteristics were performed in turn, attracting waves of excitement. Applause and cheers. The day coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the organizers also set up interactive sessions for intangible cultural heritage such as sugar painting making, facial makeup painting, and lantern making, allowing the Thai guests at the scene to appreciate the cultural feast full of Shu charm.

Photos from the event
Photos from the event

As the co-organizer of this event, the Thailand-China Tourism Chamber of Commerce, Chairman Mr. Li Liang delivered a speech on behalf of Chengdu. He mentioned that Chengdu is an ancient and fashionable city. The Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project built 2,500 years ago is still being used by future generations and has been rated as a world cultural heritage. Chengdu is a lively city. The steaming Chengdu Sichuan cuisine and hot pot are the most exciting things in the world. Chengdu is Asia’s first World Capital of Gastronomy awarded by UNESCO. Chengdu is a friendly and harmonious city. The leisure and comfortable life of Chengdu people even attracts tourists from all over the world. It is known as a city that once you come here, you don’t want to leave.

At the event, representatives of the Thailand-China Tourism Chamber of Commerce and Chengdu International Media Co., Ltd. jointly signed the “Chengdu Inbound Tourism Promotion Strategic Cooperation Agreement”. Representatives of the Chengdu Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau officially awarded the “Chengdu Tourism International Marketing” license to the Thailand-China Tourism Chamber of Commerce. “Overseas Station” aims to promote each other, seek common development, and work together to launch high-quality tourism products that meet market demand.

Diverse promotion

Chengdu’s premium inbound tourism routes receive high praise

To better attract Thai tourists, in this promotion, the top ten inbound tour routes in Chengdu have attracted strong interest from Thai tourism industry players. Chengdu’s top ten inbound tours include “Inheriting Craftsmanship – Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour”, “Taste of Shu – Elegant Chengdu”, “Chasing the Three Kingdoms – Starting from Jinguan”, “Feng Yun in the Ancient Capital – Learning about the Past”, “Rongcheng” Baokan Chengdu – Dynamic New City”, “Rural Aesthetics – Art Journey“, “Warm Sunshine in Winter – Park City under the Snow Mountains”, “Journey through the Secret Land of the West”, “Modern City – Twin Cities Life Journey”. Each has its own characteristics and expresses Chengdu’s great importance and sincerity to Thai tourists.

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