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Uncover the evolution of the revolutionary material of plastic, at a special travelling exhibition premiering in Asia at the National Museum of Singapore

SINGAPORE, Jan. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Discover the history and future of plastics in a special travelling exhibition titled Plastic: Remaking Our World, which makes its Asian debut at the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) from 27 January to 23 June 2024.  

This travelling exhibition by the Vitra Design Museum, V&A Dundee and maat, Lisbon charts the meteoric rise of plastics in the 20th century and cutting-edge solutions for a more sustainable way of using plastics in our society. Featuring over 300 artefacts, the exhibition includes a local narrative of Singapore’s history with plastics, featuring a blend of physical and digital displays of National Collection items as well as an interactive space.

Exhibition View of Kalpa Section
Exhibition View of Kalpa Section

Exhibition View of Re- Section
Exhibition View of Re- Section

Divided into three sections, Kalpa; Synthetica, Petromodernity and Plasticene: Plastics from 1850 until Today and Re-, the immersive exhibition takes visitors on a historical journey, tracing the evolution of the material locally and globally before looking to the future, aiming to spark conversations on using plastic in a more sustainable way. Highlight artefacts include the iconic Barbie dolls and Plack picnic ware, Bakelite, the historic material that facilitated the creation of household electrical appliances, and the futuristic Space Age Ball Chair.

Visitors of all ages can look out for engaging educational elements and programmes, such as the Plastics in Our Lives interactive space located outside the exhibition that explores the pervasiveness of plastics in their daily lives. They are also sure to enjoy the Green Detective’s Challenge, an on-site gamified experience testing one’s knowledge on recycling. Local innovative efforts and research projects that champion greener uses of plastic will also be featured in this space.

Sorting Wall and Injection Machine
Sorting Wall and Injection Machine

Visitors can also enjoy a diverse line-up of programmes that will highlight issues related to plastics as well as broader sustainability issues. These include hands-on workshops, experiential tours and live demonstrations of the exhibition’s injection machine that will share how to create useful household items out of recycled plastic.

For more information on the exhibition, please visit the National Museum’s website, Facebook, Instagram or our digital media kit.

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