Thursday, June 20, 2024

Football’s Dreaded Moment Finally Arrives – But Was The Timing Right?

We all knew it was coming one day. But the self-proclaimed “Normal One” has finally done the unthinkable. Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool manager for the past 9 years, shook the football world to its core this week with his announcement to leave the club at the end of the season. 

Understandably, it’s been an emotionally-charged period in the red half of Merseyside. Just imagine, a father-figure for close to a decade stepping away just when things are going well (as it is with Liverpool’s season, going far in all four competitions as we speak). 

Which ultimately begs the question…why now? 

Jürgen Klopp –  as surprising as it may sound – is actually human, just like you and me. And when we place him on a pedestal high above ourselves for all these years, the football community tends to forget that, including the limitations that come with it.

Klopp, the Normal One has lived an abnormal life in Liverpool for 9 years – 24 years overall in football management. 

Nevertheless, the question still remains…was this the right time? The team struggled badly last year – Klopp with his coaching staff had initially done well to put the club where it’s at, but who’s to say this form will last?

As good as the team’s been, there’s still plenty of matches left throughout the season, and it could still all turn pear-shaped in an instant, as we had witnessed just last year. The squad being younger and inexperienced also throws more questions than answers. This team has proven nothing to anyone yet. 

So is Jürgen Klopp retiring, or is he actually running away from finishing off the job? 

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