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Most Electrifying Events United Through Music

VOICE OF ASIA brings you the trendiest dance clubs, music events and festivals that are happening around the globe. “Most Electrifying Events United Through Music” was an article from the 4th edition of High Life: Living the Good Life , owned by The IBR Asia Group.

SOME NIGHTS YOU WISH WOULD GO ON FOREVER. Playing along with the millennial pursuit for experiences over products, a new era of partying is upon us. Festivals and exclusive clubs are the place to be for party-goers the world over, where they can instantly push play on moments that evoke happiness while dancing the night away and press stop on the painfully mundane; repeating the process, beat after beat. It is becoming a culture, one that is very much linked to the message of positivity, unity through music and simply having the time of your lives, at least for one full unadulterated weekend fun. After all, isn’t music the closest form of magic we have here on earth? Thus, as we near the year-end, when festivities come full swing, we present to you some of the hottest dance clubs, music events and festivals that are happening around the globe while also bringing some attention to one of the fieriest homegrown music fests that Genting is proudly a part of.

Zouk Singapore: Asia’s Iconic Club

Utter the word “Zouk” and the younger generation of Singapore’s hippest and trendiest will have an instantaneous recollection of the night of their lives. The name has become synonymous to bringing the best of club culture to the Lion City. In fact, they are considered the pioneer clubbing institution in Singapore that has successfully steered away from playing Top 40s and retro mixes, establishing itself as the ultimate initiator in the industry. 

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