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People& Their Passions

Vach Pillutla, CEO of Al-Ikhsan Sports

Immense joy. Fulfillment.
Admiration. Desire. Love. Conviction.

Everyone has that one thing that ignites these compelling emotions in them.
An activity, a topic or purpose that fully engages them and takes them through an immersive journey throughout their lifetimes. That one thing that they are most passionate about in life.

Passion inspires the common man and woman to go above and beyond and in many instances, fuels them to live better lives and become the best versions of themselves.

In People & Their Passions, International Business Review features elite personalities like you’ve never seen them before as they share their hobbies, interests and biggest passions in life. Join us as we celebrate living life to the hilt with them.

“Writing has always been a significant part of my life, from composing school debates to discussing intricate topics related to business and culture on LinkedIn. As a young boy, I was hesitant to take the stage, but I found comfort and strength in pen and paper. My interest in the world of science and politics began as early as 6th grade, back in the days before Google, when research for debate materials meant diving into books and newspapers.

While it might seem unusual for a CEO of a sporting goods company to have a passion for writing, I actually began my career as a writer at a computer magazine called Dataquest, back in India. Fate led me into the corporate world, where I transitioned from writing special features to running operations and overall businesses. Nevertheless, writing remained a constant companion, enriching both my work and personal life in diverse ways.

I’ve experienced the transformative power of writing both professionally and personally. Writing breathes life into ideas, giving them shape and substance. This philosophy has become integral to my life, shaping both my personal and professional existence.

My love for reading and travel complements my writing. Having visited more than 100 different cities worldwide and read numerous books, I’ve recognised the profound impact these experiences have on me and my work. Travel isn’t just about discovering new places; it’s about uncovering diverse perspectives and understanding the unfiltered truth of cultures and societies. These experiences enrich my writing, adding depth and broadening my worldview.

From my childhood fascination with astrophysics that led me to Isaac Asimov’s science-fiction universe to my current interest in reading from and about business leaders like Bill Gates and Jack Welch, reading has always been a constant in my life. Beyond the business world, I find myself in good company with the works of authors like John Grisham and Dan Brown.

LinkedIn serves as my contemporary canvas, where I share my thoughts on business, culture, and life. It’s more than just a platform; it’s a community where I engage with like-minded individuals. We exchange ideas and grow together. My writing on LinkedIn has given me the opportunity to get to know and discuss matters with some of the best minds in the world of business and beyond. The more I write and share, the more knowledge I gain. This exemplifies the Sanskrit saying, ‘Knowledge is the only wealth which increases when distributed.’

Steve Jobs once said, and I’m paraphrasing, “You cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect for you in future”.

My ability to think critically, write effectively, build business plans, travel passionately, and create something new are five seemingly disconnected interests that have converged both in my work with Al-Ikhsan and in my pastime of writing.”

“Ideas come and go, often remaining shapeless theories in your mind. Writing them down helps crystallise your thoughts enabling you to form concrete and actionable plans.”Vach Pillutla, CEO of Al-Ikhsan Sports

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