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Sparking off Waves

Discover the story of Jasmine Tay and her journey in nurturing artistic talent in Singapore. Sparking Off Waves” is an article hailing from Passions, Volume 45, owned by The IBR Asia Group.

Artistic Diversion

From her earliest years, Jasmine Tay has had an inkling for art, with an interest both in fine art and calligraphy, so it was
inevitable that she would pursue her studies at Singapore’s venerable Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Then
an unplanned walk-in stint with an art dealer after graduation led to a fulfilling career in selling, collecting and appraising art pieces for the last two decades.

Fulfilling Their Potential

For Jasmine, one major point in choosing a good artist is searching for a distinctive “self”. “It’s not easy finding an artist
with true originality, but this is important for me and the clients I deal with,” said Jasmine. “One thing I always take care to avoid is trying to make the artist, especially young artists or recently discovered talents, paint pieces which pander too much to public demand. In my opinion, this has the unfortunate effect of causing the artists to lose focus, ultimately harming their artistic development and denying them their potential,” she said. The veteran art dealer believes that an artist should focus on his or her art, and that the art dealer owes a responsibility to the artist in ensuring that the artist’s career is carefully nurtured and developed to its fullest potential. There is also the responsibility to the client, who should be sold a painting which will not only appreciate with age in terms of dollar value, but which also speaks to the soul of the client and other viewers.

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