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Business Survival Insights shared by A Mid-Career Switch Financial Planner

SINGAPORE, Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As an Executive Financial Planner representing AXA Singapore, Amelie Soo Hwee Pei is the proud recipient of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) award for two consecutive years and one of the top-ranking sales producers within her organisation. While balancing the challenges of her career and motherhood, impressive still, are her accomplishments within the financial planning and sales industry amid the pandemic upheaval of businesses. With her success story, Amelie was invited to be a guest speaker at an AXA Singapore event to inspire generations of financial planners. In an interview, Amelie shared with us her recipe for success and overcoming the odds.

Amelie Soo is a multiple award winning Financial Planner from AXA Singapore.
Amelie Soo is a multiple award winning Financial Planner from AXA Singapore.

Always loving to be in the service of people, Amelie Soo served as an air stewardess before she embarked on her own business venture.
Always loving to be in the service of people, Amelie Soo served as an air stewardess before she embarked on her own business venture.

Energising with a sense of purpose

In the earlier part of her career, Amelie had decided to leave her jet-setting life of an air stewardess to focus on raising her two children. However, being ambitious and goal driven, it was not long after that Amelie pursued the path of business and took on the role of a financial planner in Singapore. The key commonality between being an air stewardess and taking on the role of a financial planner was her life’s purpose to serve the people around her. Amelie highlights that seeing the satisfaction on the faces of people she attends to for their needs gives her the drive and motivation to jolt out of bed every morning. This sense of purpose, she says, allows you to bolster the emotional effects of financial downturns of any business you undertake and gives you the adrenaline to push boundaries. Amelie added that the rewarding and motivational environment in AXA Singapore spurred her on to overcome the odds every time she was faced with a challenge.

Using ‘the self’ as a litmus test

Amelie highlights that being a wife and then mother was a life-changing experience for her in the way she attended to the needs of people. In her role as a financial planner, she always asks herself whether, she as a daughter, wife, or mother, would embark on the thorough financial plans that she develops for her clients. She says that when you can put yourself into the shoes of your clients, you are better able to understand their needs and hence, provide sound financial advice. This has been a key linchpin in her retaining long term clients and garnering referrals for new clients. Amelie added that being in an organisation that thoroughly understands the financial planning needs of clients, she was provided with a structured and precise method of determining clients’ needs and providing the required financial planning solutions.

Technology is an imperative driver for business

The onset of the pandemic had severely affected Amelie’s work and sales due to the inability to meet existing clients and gain new ones due to the social interaction restrictions. She highlights that AXA Singapore was quick in adopting many technologies that allowed her to seamlessly continue to service her existing clients and meet new ones. From leveraging on cyber-meetings and e-forms to embracing a host of digital marketing tools, Amelie was able to continue to help people with their financial planning needs throughout the pandemic. She added that her experience as an air stewardess as well as training from AXA Singapore thoroughly reinforced her confidence to interact with the vast world of completely new prospects that opened to her through digital marketing.

Amelie’s story and enablers for business success serve as inspiration to budding business owners and entrepreneurs. To learn more about her recipe to success, Amelie can be reached via her LinkedIn profile.

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