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CUB Sweeps 4 Retail Banker International Awards for Digital Excellence

TAIPEI, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cathay United Bank (CUB), a prominent Asian bank, was recently awarded four awards by Retail Banker International, a leading global finance publication in the following categories: Cloud Migration Advances – Strategy & Planning, Cloud Migration Advances – Completed Deployment, Advances in the use of Biometrics in Security, and Best Training and Development Course. These accolades demonstrate CUB’s commitment to staying at the forefront of cloud development, and validates CUB’s efforts in digital applications and training of skilled individuals.

Personalization has always been a focus in CUB’s customer management. In 2020, CUB pioneered Taiwan’s financial industry by aspiring to develop multiple cloud platforms, and has managed to build an intelligent financial ecosystem by refining cloud governance frameworks and establishing proficient service teams to advance cloud technologies and applications. Thanks to the adoption of innovative hybrid cloud technologies and the refurbishment of the data processing framework, CUB is more than capable of handling the storage, processing, and computation of nearly 10 billion pieces of complex data. This enables CUB to develop more personalized cross-product investment analyses and cross-selling recommendations. In addition, CUB prioritized the use of the cloud native framework in its cloud migration, which included frontend and backend separation, microservices, containerization, and the employment of DevOps principles. As a result, CUB was able to achieve rapid deployment and capacity expansion, taking a step further in developing its cloud infrastructure and maintenance framework.

CUB has amended multiple internal cloud regulations, passed a pooled audit from Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, and completed an end-to-end process and exercise for cloud migration. As of August 2023, before the banking bureau amend the cloud regulations, 6 CUB application systems had been approved for cloud migration.

To date, CUB has established over 100 Google Cloud security and infrastructure architectures, over 40 AWS infrastructures and completed the implementation of AWS Landing Zone. To promote cloud application, CUB has also completed 38 system projects, including assessment, deployment, testing and go live. From cloud governance to the training of skilled individuals, CUB has achieved great strides in their advancements. With CUB being the first in its industry to complete the cloud deployment of over 20 systems, CUB has rightly earned its place as the winner of Strategy & Planning and Completed Deployment in Cloud Migration Advances.

Cybersecurity has emerged increasingly important with technological advancements, with the security of digital transactions becoming ever more crucial as scams become more complex. In response, CUB pioneered the use of direct facial recognition into its identity verification system. Unlike identity verification that relies on mobile phones, this technology verifies identities by analyzing hundreds of facial features. It currently is used for non-designated transfers, cardless withdrawals, digital foreign currency account applications, and 9 other services, and is used up to 1.8 million times per month. Furthermore, many over-the-counter services have been succeeded by the CUBE App’s live video customer service, sparing customers the hassle of traveling in person. Thanks to its convenience, CUB’s live video customer service has served nearly a million people to date, and gained further international recognition with the Advances in the use of Biometrics in Security award.

As technology rapidly advances, CUB remains committed to improving its employee’s expertise and providing them with opportunities to flourish. For example, CUB’s career development system provides helpful career advice through big data analysis, establishing it as an outstanding employer and earning it the Best Training and Development Course award.

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