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Difisoft Paave’s Monumental Success: Surpasses $10M Cumulative Transaction Value in Just 8 Months

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In an impressive feat, Difisoft’s Paave, the groundbreaking Vietnamese investment platform, has reached an extraordinary milestone by surpassing $10 million in cumulative transaction value in a remarkably short span of 8 months since its launch.

Paave is dedicated to supporting and empowering Vietnamese retail investors, making the investment journey hassle-free for its users. Currently, customers of KIS Vietnam and those with KIS accounts through the Paave App can trade stocks more efficiently. Moreover, Paave offers a wide array of exclusive features, such as a Virtual Trading option (Trading simulator) and Expert Trading strategies specifically tailored for each Paave user. Users with a KIS account can even replicate these strategies with ease.

One of Paave’s unique features is the AI Rating strategy, which has delivered an impressive performance of over 700% since April 2020, far outperforming the VN index’s performance of 50-60% during the same period.

In a recent milestone, Difisoft became the first company in Vietnam to introduce the “Theme” feature to the stock market, enabling users to track leading stock groups and identify specific stocks impacting that Theme’s trajectory.

The driving force behind Paave’s success is Difisoft, a member company of Born2Global Centre and a seasoned software developer well-known for its exceptional services to major financial firms in Vietnam, including Vietcap Securities, KIS Vietnam, Mirae Asset Securities Vietnam, and KB Securities Vietnam.

Notably, Mr. Wonhuyng Kim, CEO and co-founder of Paave, having previously served as the CEO/CTO of Lotte HPT, has been a top-tier solution provider to Vietnamese securities companies, for over 7 years. Mr. Kim expressed his joy, stating, “It is truly a momentous achievement for both Paave and our esteemed partner, KIS Vietnam. We eagerly look forward to collaborating with more securities companies to help address their technology challenges in the future.”

For those intrigued by the Paave platform or interested in forging partnerships with Paave, please reach out to us at the following contact information:

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