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Dreame Technology Unveils New Core Products with Impressive Innovative Upgrades at IT Show 2024

SINGAPORE, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As Singapore’s largest expo for IT, digital, mobile, and consumer electronics, IT Show 2024, was held from March 14th to 17th, 2024. During the expo, Dreame Technology released an array of its latest products for the Southeast Asian market, including its flagship X30 Series robotic vacuums, the Dreame AirStyle High-Speed Styler, and the Dreame IPL Hair Removal Device. These diversified smart technology products bring an all-new, upgraded experience to consumers all over the world, while also showcasing the breadth of Dreame Technology’s product categories and the brand strength that continues to drive industry-wide innovation.

“IT Show is not just a leading technology expo for Singapore, it’s one of the leading expos in the Southeast Asia region, making it a great opportunity for Dreame Technology to promote its brand,” said Ms. Zheng Jing, General Manager of Dreame SEA. “We’ve brought lots of new products to this year’s IT Show. This is a chance for consumers to discover other aspects of the diverse Dreame brand, which is more than just smart cleaning products.”

Innovation leads to upgrades of personal care devices: multiple products offer new cosmetic solutions at home

As one of the high-speed hair dryer innovators leading the industry, Dreame Technology has always been committed to driving product upgrades through innovative technology. Dreame Technology presented its Hair Glory and Hair Gleam hair dryers at this year’s show, and also unveiled its eye-catching next-generation styler and hair removal device.

Dreame AirStyle High-Speed Styler
Dreame AirStyle High-Speed Styler

A hair dryer and styler, the Dreame AirStyle High-Speed Styler comes with 5 styling accessories and offers 3 temperature levels and 3 speed modes. By helping to curl, straighten, or smooth hair and avoid flyaways, it allows for easy and efficient hair styling at home. The aerodynamics behind the Coanda effect allows the styler to control humidity and temperature levels, making it easier to create the desired style. Equipped with a 100,000 rpm high-speed motor and an optimized airflow design, the fast dryer offers a rapid drying experience at low temperatures. The wrapping barrel blows air from the inside to the outside, maintaining a gap between the hair and the barrel. Compared with traditional curling irons that come into direct contact with the hair, the barrel makes more airy hair styles possible. When you comb from the roots to the ends, the hot airflow straightens frizz, while backcombing your hair helps fluff up your roots. The flyaway nozzle utilizes the Coanda effect to reduce flyaways, delivering a sleek, smooth hairstyle. You can also use the round volumizing brush to comb from the roots to the ends to create inward or outward styles with more height. This styler opens up more possibilities and allows users to style their hair at home to suit different scenarios, from light styling to more exquisite, complete looks.

The Dream IPL Hair Removal Device is yet another FDA-certified* home appliance by Dreame, and offers an easy hair removal experience at home. The Dreame IPL Hair Removal Device uses high-efficiency intense pulsed light (IPL) to remove hair. It is also equipped with sapphire contact cooling technology, which only targets hair follicles within a safe temperature range to avoid causing heat damage, providing an almost painless, quick, and comfortable way to remove hair and achieve silky-smooth skin. With “7+1” modes to choose from, even skincare beginners can easily remove hair on different areas of the body, including fingers, legs, bikini lines, arms, and armpits. Switching to Ice-Cooling Mode after hair removal soothes the skin’s pores, while daily use can help reduce redness and alleviate facial swelling.

*FDA Regulation Number: 21 CFR 878.4810 

Master series: debuting an upgraded robotic vacuum that blends in with the home

This year’s IT Show witnessed the debut of Dreame X30 Master, the latest addition to Dreame’s high-end, flagship Master series. Inheriting Dreame X30 Ultra’s multiple innovative and upgraded features, Dreame X30 Master comes with a 28cm ultra-thin base station that blends in with the home. The application of innovative technologies and functionalities, such as the MopExtend™ RoboSwing technology that cleans every nook and cranny, the active duo scraper that cleans the base station, the multilayer, full-link sterilization that offers a sterilization rate of 99.9%, and the active hair cutting, anti-tangle roller, give Dreame robotic vacuums an innovative edge over the industry in terms of both technical expertise and design philosophy. The embodiment of performance, quality, and aesthetics, Dreame robotic vacuums help more people free up their time.

Dreame X30 Master
Dreame X30 Master

The original motivation behind the development of the Dreame X30 Master was the pain points many consumers had when choosing robotic vacuum and mop cleaners: too big, hard to install, and looks out-of-place in the home. Insights into user needs empowered Dreame Technology to devise a seamlessly integrated base station. The overall dimensions of the vacuum and base station were reduced to 28cm (H) × 42.6cm (W) × 48.5cm (L). With its zero-clearance design, the base station fits perfectly into cabinets, saving more space. Through the combination of the 8,300Pa ultra-powerful suction power and Dreame’s patented MopExtend™ RoboSwing technology, where the robotic vacuum extends a mechanical arm to clean every nook and cranny, deep cleaning walls, corners, furniture legs, and other low spaces is no longer a challenge.

The X30 Master also comes with major upgrades in terms of software algorithms and smart interaction. The 360° omni-directional sensing system supports AI Sage sensing algorithms that boast intelligent obstacle avoidance at the millimeter level and recognize more than 70 types of obstacles. The algorithm also learns from itself and keeps evolving as it works. As part of the X30 Master’s standard configuration, the refilling tank automatically supplies water to the robotic vacuum on mopping cycles to guarantee constant wet mopping. This system matches perfectly with the automatic refilling and draining module and the self-cleaning features, offering a detailed, thorough cleaning experience and keeping your home spotless.

Ms. Zheng Jing added that Dreame Technology hit a 5-year CAGR of over 100% during 2019–2023, an unrivaled record that crowns Dreame Technology as the leader of the global smart cleaning industry. Southeast Asia sees Dreame Technology expanding its presence both online and in-person. Dreame Technology has more than 300 physical stores in this region to date. Baifern Pimchanok has also been announced as our regional brand ambassador. In the recent Shopee 3.3 Mega Shopping Sale, Dreame Technology ranked first in the vacuum cleaner category across Southeast Asia (including Singapore and Thailand). Moving forward, we will continue to live up to our brand philosophy of “providing innovative technology for families at affordable prices” to meet the diverse, personalized needs of global consumers, and to free users from chores so they have more time to focus on themselves, enjoy their lives, and fulfill their dreams.

About Dreame

Since its establishment in 2017, Dreame Technology has been a trailblazer in consumer products, focusing on smart home appliances that enhance lives through cutting-edge technology. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to stay in the loop. The official distributor for Dreame Technology in Singapore is DM Dasher Pte Ltd. For more information, visit

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