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Excellence Opto., Inc. Drives Automotive Innovation and Sustainability for a Brighter Future

Innovating the Road Ahead: Excellence Opto., Inc. Recognized with the Enterprise Asia Linchpin of Asia Award 2023 for Advancing Automotive Excellence and Sustainability

SINGAPORE, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Excellence Opto., Inc. (EOI) is a high technology-oriented company, established in the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan in 1995. As an IATF-16949 certified enterprise, EOI guarantees that its products are of high quality, high reliability, and high performance. With strong capabilities in optical, mechanical, electronics, thermal, software, and firmware designs with high precision design standards, EOI supplies high-efficiency LED components and modules, serving customers with advanced complete technical solutions.

Throughout our history, EOI has cooperated with more than 45 world-renowned automobile manufacturers. Between the years 2019 to 2023, one out of every 6.2 to 9.6 cars produced in the United States utilized EOI’s products. The company’s strategic customers are leading companies in the global automotive industry, such as Magna, Flex-N-Gate, Hella, SanLi, Tayi and so on, supporting EOI in its pursuit of sustainable growth. This drives one of the company’s major goals, which is to increase its clients’ competitive abilities as the market increasingly favors sustainable companies.

In 2022, the company received numerous affirmations, being honored with awards and titles. This resulted from EOI to pursuing excellence in corporate governance, and from official evaluations across Taiwan. Additionally, the company ranks among the top 20% of best-performing listed companies. Amidst the global ESG trend, it is also committed to obtaining TCFD, ISO 14064-1, and 14067 certifications, promoting joint carbon reduction within its supply chain, satisfying its customers globally, and establishing a sustainably managed enterprise.

EOI’s vision is to become the pioneer of innovative automotive lighting sources in the global marketplace and a sustainable happy company. The company’s mission is to continue to develop innovative technologies and products to upgrade the green energy environment and better all humans’ lives.

EOI’s operations are guided by its corporate values, which are to make a better world with innovation in automotive lighting and displays while providing continuously improving social welfare to the disadvantaged and minorities, pursuing a zero-carbon environment, creating excellent products, pursuing perfect quality, and exceeding customers’ expectations.

The President, Ms. Fanny Huang, does her best to encourage the employees to embrace continuous learning and innovation as well as train their agility to exceed customers, and all stakeholders’ expectations. EOI’s policy also promotes corporate social responsibility and employee benefits. EOI has built an organizational culture based on the values of honesty, trust, accountability, appreciation, respect, encouragement, intentional social welfare, customer-first attitude, target-oriented drive, and teamwork.

Various corporate activities also contribute to building a cohesive staff with these values. EOI integrates various initiatives like a unique KPI mechanisms, Pre-Expert Program (Talent Development Program), supervisor-led book clubs, team-building activities, and CSR projects.

The global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 led to a shortage of automotive chips, and limited transportation, thus, EOI’s performance was affected. As the global economy eased from the pandemic’s effects, EOI acquired more future orders than in the past, thanks to the trust of its long-term customers, such as Magna, Flex-N-Gate, and Hella.

The company has also made an impact both locally and regionally. EOI’s LED and products have reduced energy use and carbon-waste production in Taiwan. The company’s social welfare projects have also assisted thousands of disadvantaged people in Taiwan by the provision of job opportunities in Taiwan and its subsidiaries globally.

These subsidiaries were set up in California and Michigan in the United States, Stuttgart in Germany, Madrid in Spain, and Shenzhen and Dongguan in mainland China. EOI will continue expansion worldwide and shorten its supply chain in the next couple of years in order to enhance cooperation with its customers and realize its ESG and carbon reduction goals.

The company’s strategy to achieve sustainable growth includes continuously advanced innovation, forward-looking technologies, and ensuring customer-oriented services in order to be considered the best and most valuable supplier to the key accounts.

EOI is also looking into the efficient use of automation and AI technology to achieve robust and lean manufacturing. The company has eyes on talent development for highly professional experts with a passion for innovation. Besides that, the company will continue investing in innovative green technology to achieve zero carbon emissions and realize its ESG goals.

EOI’s exceptional performance, growth, and agility have recently earned the company the esteemed title of Linchpin of Asia at the Enterprise Asia Linchpin of Asia Awards 2023. The Award is a premier recognition program, honoring the best of the best industry leaders and enterprises across Asia. The prestigious accolade serves as a testament to EOI’s remarkable journey to achieving success in the region.

Moving forward, EOI intends to continue developing innovative automotive LED light sources, increase its market share, and become among the world’s top five automotive LED suppliers. The company is working to develop a light source module with its unique patented technology for automotive signal lighting to expand the application to various automotive lights such as taillights, brake lights, direction lights, and daytime running lights. Module shipments are expected to exceed 20% in the United States. EOI intends to create more cost-effective LED outdoor lighting, signal lights, and other green energy products. Thus, the company will be able to participate in smart city services and it is expected to be one of the most important suppliers in North America. Based on the current assumptions about EOI’s operating outlook, the short-term goal in the future would be annual performance growth of 20-30%.

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