Friday, June 21, 2024

GLN International, Launches Remittance Service to Laos in Partnership with BCEL

  • Global Payment Network GLN Launches Mobile International Remittance Service for Laotian Citizens in Partnership with BCEL
  • Enhancing Convenience for Lao People Residing in Korea: Account Verification and Remittance Limit Inquiry Now Available

SEOUL, South Korea, May 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GLN International (CEO Kyung-Ho Kim, hereinafter referred to as GLN) has announced the launch of an international remittance service to Laos in partnership with BCEL (Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public), the largest state-owned commercial bank in Laos.

Established in 1975, BCEL is the largest state-owned commercial bank in Laos by asset size. In 2022, GLN formed a partnership with BCEL, providing services such as QR payments and QR cash withdrawals (ATM).

With the launch of this international remittance service, Laotian citizens residing in Korea can now easily transfer funds to their home country using the GLN service integrated into BCEL’s mobile app.

Notably, by GLN service, users can verify recipient account information in real-time, preventing erroneous transfers. Additionally, users can check the current status of their remittances and review their annual international remittance limits.

Kyung-Ho Kim, CEO of GLN, stated, “Laotian workers and students residing in Korea can now use the GLN service to safely and conveniently access mobile international remittance services.” He added, “We will continue to expand our service areas and develop our systems to ensure that more customers can enjoy the benefits of our international remittance service.”

Meanwhile, GLN, a subsidiary of Hana Bank established in July 2021, offers cross-border payment services such as QR payments and QR cash withdrawals (ATM) in major regions worldwide. Notably, the GLN QR payment service can be conveniently used without the need for currency exchange not only through the GLN mobile app but also via various apps like Hana Bank’s ‘Hana One Q’, ‘Hana Money’, ‘Toss’, KB Kookmin Bank’s ‘KB Star Banking’, and ‘iMBank’.

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