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Indonesian CIO Network to Launch First Fintech Workshop in Bali in November 2023

3000-strong CXO community expands to Thailand to meet the demand for new networking and technology exchanges

SINGAPORE, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Indonesia’s oldest CXO community, Indonesian CIO Network (ICION) is set to roll out the first fintech workshop in Bali on 8 – 10 November 2023.

As one of Indonesia’s pioneering CXO community platforms, ICION’s vision of rallying CIOs in the technology industry to network and nurture a new generation of ICT leaders became a reality with its first event in 2012. ICION has since expanded in the Southeast Asia region to welcome more members as they held their first MCION (Malaysian CIO Network) conference and exhibition in Penang in August this year.

“I am very proud to launch our first fintech workshop in Bali as a response to our members who are eager to explore networking opportunities, technological advancements, and global best practices in this area,” said Ray Sugiarto, Co-Founder of ICION.

“As the number one enterprise InsurTech solution vendor in China, Sinosoft excels in the fintech market in the Greater China region. As part of the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative, Sinosoft has been actively looking for effective ways to broaden our reach in the international market, with particular emphasis in Southeast Asia region. Now, we see the light. We link up with ICION as our effective media. It is our great honor to be able to participate in the first ICION fintech event as our first step to get into the Indonesia market and show the Indonesian community what we have to offer,” said Tony Chiu, Director of Sinosoft International.

ICION Board of Advisors, On Lee, CTO of GDP Venture said, “CTOs and CIOs are always looking to expand their network, learn from one another, and advance as a community. We help in steering business transformation within our companies. One great example of how as an industry we can move forward is the adoption of Web3 technologies such as generative AI, blockchain, and other decentralized applications in businesses and our daily lives. Together, with our experiences and insights as a community, we can bring about greater strategic and sustainable outcomes for the organizations we represent.”

“A major milestone awaits our community in 2024 – the birth of Thailand CIO Network (TCION). Our members who have regional ambitions or presence have been looking forward to engaging Thai CXOs who have much to share, be it business opportunities or use cases. As an Asian CXO community, we are stronger and more resilient to take on unique challenges in our region,” said Sugiarto.

To find out more about 1st FinTech ICION Bali Workshop, 8-10 November, visit

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ICION was founded in 2012 with the aim for the CXOs community to interact. As one of the oldest CXO platforms, ICION has grown to a community of 3000 members representing 1600 organizations, comprising C-suite executives, IT directors, and managers. 

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