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Jung Kwan Jang surging in Indonesia, riding the momentum of the Megawati wave

– Expecting the popularity of Megawati to extend to Jung Kwan Jang’s red ginseng products

JAKARTA, Indonesia and SEOUL, South Korea, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC), a global company in general health, is ramping up its local marketing efforts to spotlight South Korean red ginseng in Indonesia, the home country of Megawati from the Jung Kwan Jang volleyball Team.

After the game on the 20th, Megawati received the gift of Jung Kwan Jang with his mother (left) and brother (right)
After the game on the 20th, Megawati received the gift of Jung Kwan Jang with his mother (left) and brother (right)

Megawati, who has made waves for Indonesia in the Korean volleyball scene, joined the Jung Kwan Jang Red Sparks last season, propelling the team towards the spring volleyball championship for the first time in seven years.

Jung Kwan Jang anticipates that Megawati’s rising popularity will spark interest in their red ginseng products. Currently, Jung Kwan Jang products are available in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital and largest city, at the prestigious Lotte Avenue department store. Jung Kwan Jang products are becoming increasingly popular as holiday gifts in the region.

Recently, Jung Kwan Jang hosted a series of events to promote Korean representative red ginseng during a friendly all-star match held in Jakarta at the invitation of the Indonesia Sports Association.

The Jung Kwan Jang store in Jakarta held a “Megawati Promotion” for five days from the 17th to the 21st.  All visitors received complimentary Jung Kwan Jang sample kits and all products were available at discounted prices. Additionally, customers received exclusive gifts such as Megawati figures and uniforms, and Jung Kwan Jang gold cards based on their purchase amounts, which garnered attention from local customers.

As a gesture of gratitude for the fans’ support, Jung Kwan Jang held giveaways of their products and sample kits at the friendly match on the 20th, giving them a chance to try their offerings.    

Indonesia has a population of around 280 million, ranking fourth globally in population, following India, China and the US. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the Southeast Asia, and thus it has become the largest market for halal consumption.

KGC is planning to promote its global no. 1 red ginseng brand continuously by diligently adhering to Indonesia’s ginseng import regulations and halal requirements.

KGC stated that Megawati is making a significant contribution to raising Jung Kwan Jang’s profile in Indonesia, adding that it will do our best to showcase the benefits of red ginseng in the global health supplement market, much like Megawati, who’s showing outstanding performance in South Korea.

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