Kixx Aims to Become Top Lubricant Brand Around the World, Highlighting Its Advanced Industrial Lubricants

Kixx Aims to Become Top Lubricant Brand Around the World, Highlighting Its Advanced Industrial Lubricants

HO CHI MINH, Vietnam, March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With decades of technical know-how, Kixx, under the GS Caltex brand, has been manufacturing high-performance lubricants that help industries around the world run more smoothly. For seven years running, the company has taken home the title of Korea’s No. 1 lubricant at the Korea First Brand Awards in recognition of its superior quality lubricants.

Kixx industrial lubricants lineups
Kixx industrial lubricants lineups

Kixx is now setting its sights on cementing its position as a top industrial lubricant manufacturer by highlighting its lineup of advanced industrial lubricants. For Vietnam, this includes hydraulic, gear, turbine, and compressor oils, as well as industrial grease.

Established in 1969, Kixx has provided dependable engine oils and industrial lubricants for more than 50 years. Leveraging advanced technical expertise and impressive infrastructure, including the world’s fourth largest oil refinery in a single site, Kixx delivers 200 types of quality products that meet the highest of industry performance standards.

Kixx industrial lubricants are optimized to reduce deposits and help maintain optimal temperatures for equipment and vehicles to prevent damage from overheating. Ultimately this means reduced TCO, boosted equipment and vehicle performance, improved efficiency, and strengthened reliability.

Kixx offers a wide range of high-performance industrial lubricants for the Vietnamese market, including the below:

  • Hydraulic oil – Kixx Hydro HVL: a multi-viscosity, anti-wear fluid designed for hydraulic systems subject to a wide variation in working temperatures.
  • Gear oil – Kixx Gear EP: an industrial gear lubricant based on a sulfurphosphorus additive system designed to extend the life of high load carrying gear including enclosed gear drives, speed reducers and more.
  • Grease – Kixx Grease Liplex: a multipurpose, EP automotive wheel bearing and chassis grease containing a lithium complex thickener, Kixx Grease Liplex is recommended for automotive and industrial applications including Construction equipment as well as agricultural tractors and more.
  • Turbine oil – Kixx Turbine: a premium quality inhibited turbine oil that protects equipment such as centrifugal, rotary and reciprocating compressors against rust and corrosion.
  • Compressor oil – Kixx Compressor P: mineral compressor lubricants formulated for use with stationary and portable compressors operating at high sustained temperatures.

For a more detailed look at all of Kixx’s industrial lubricant product lineup, please visit Kixx’s official site at

As Korea’s No. 1 lubricant and trusted brand around the world, including Vietnam, India, China, and Russia, Kixx will continue to strive to become a global leader in engine oil and industrial lubricants.


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