Orangeleaf Consulting realises education innovation with for its Australian debut


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia and SYDNEY, Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Digital innovation service provider specialised in Mendix Low-Code, Orangeleaf Consulting will now be operating in Australia. This milestone follows a collaboration with social enterprise building an inclusive marketplace for services,

Orangeleaf Consulting realises education innovation with for its Australian debut
Orangeleaf Consulting realises education innovation with for its Australian debut, as a strategic partner, has accelerated Orangeleaf Consulting’s expansion in Australia using low-code technology. The company, founded by Ellice Hendricks-Ng and Tim Hendricks, offers consultancy services across Asia Pacific. Orangeleaf has over ten years of experience in Mendix low-code technology and is building a presence and upskilling talent in Australia to prepare to meet growing demand. The team believes the new endeavour adds to its strategy to grow its home-grown brand with greater confidence to serve and compete in a more mature market across Asia-Pacific.

“The increasing demand of low-code technology globally has enabled Orangeleaf Consulting to expand its expertise down under across APAC. Our aim is to upskill local talent and enable digital capabilities in low-code. We will be working together with, to build a scalable innovation in 5 months – enabling this social enterprise to launch an inclusive services marketplace and start making a difference,” said Ellice, Co-founder & Director of Orangeleaf Consulting. is an innovative services marketplace to fast track mobilisation of organisations responsible for relocating and enrolling international students, so they can meet the demand surge.  This Aussie innovation will transform services to native compliance commerce for easy workarounds plus industry-tailored enterprise with a plug-n-play model. The objective is to provide a compliant ecosystem to enable service providers to complete tasks on behalf of consumers. provides digital capability for Aussie organisations to help consumers across the world apply for services online, even if these consumers are not digitally literate or confident with Australian English.

Following a very successful partnership with to upskill STEM candidates to use Mendix to fast-track the build and delivery of solutions, Orangeleaf Consulting is moving Australia to scale up reskilling of mature IT workers and knowledge transfer of STEM interns to meet the future shift towards/ growth of / expansion of demand for low-code predicted by Gartner.

This new collaboration between Orangeleaf and springs from their shared commitment to have a tangible impact on global learners, with further proof that digital disruption is just as much about people as technology.


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