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PT. RAPP and Tanoto Foundation Launch SIGAP Early Childhood Development Centres in Riau

SINGAPORE, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (PT. RAPP) and Tanoto Foundation launched SIGAP Early Childhood Development Centres at two pilot locations, namely Pangkalan Kerinci Timur Subdistrict in Pelalawan Regency and Lubuk Dalam Village in Siak Regency to accelerate stunting reduction in Riau Province, Sumatra. 

PT. RAPP is the operating arm of APRIL Group in Riau, and part of the RGE group of companies. Tanoto Foundation is an independent philanthropic organisation founded in 1981 by Sukanto Tanoto and his wife, Tinah Bingei Tanoto, with an aim to harness the transformative power of education to realise people’s potential and improve lives. 

The issue of malnutrition has been affecting Indonesia’s population. It causes high rates of stunting and wasting among toddlers, as well as anaemia and chronic energy deficiency (CED) in pregnant women. The Indonesian Government has made the prevention and handling of stunting its national development priority.

The SIGAP Early Childhood Development Centre in Pangkalan Kerinci Timur has been operational since January 1, 2023, with an aim to establish a model of Holistic Integrative Early Childhood Education. 

The centres offer services to parents/caregivers of children aged 0-3 years along with their children. The SIGAP Early Childhood Development Centre serves as a space for caregiving, information dissemination, communication, and education, particularly in the fields of psychosocial stimulation, health, and nutrition for the families.

PT. RAPP’s President Director, Sihol Aritonang, said that APRIL has 18 targets to achieve by 2030 as part of its APRIL2030 commitments. One of the four pillars of the company’s APRIL2030 commitments is Inclusive Progress, which involves empowering communities through initiatives in education and healthcare.

“Through APRIL2030, we aim to contribute to and support the Indonesian Government’s programmes in enhancing the quality of health in toddlers, particularly in Riau Province. This includes the launch of the SIGAP Early Childhood Development centres, focusing on prevention and reducing stunting prevalence,” said Sihol.

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