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Reeracoen’s Survey Reveals Singapore Companies Embrace Flexible Work, While Awareness of Workplace Fairness Law Varies

SINGAPORE, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Reeracoen Singapore, a leading provider of human resource services in Singapore, has released the findings of an extensive survey conducted among 120 companies across various industries in Singapore. The study, conducted from February to March 2024, offers a detailed examination of the current state of remote work policies and awareness regarding the upcoming Workplace Fairness Legislation (WFL).

Shifting Work Arrangements: Traditional Office-Based Policies Still Dominant

The survey sheds light on evolving work models in Singapore. 56% of companies in Singapore still maintain a traditional, 100% office-based work policy, indicating a strong preference for traditional work arrangements. However, a shift towards more flexible work options is evident, with 37% of companies implementing hybrid working arrangements, allowing employees to split their time between the office and remote work. Only a small portion, 7%, offer fully flexible or remote working options.

Workplace Fairness Legislation Awareness: High But Not Universal

A significant majority, 72%, of companies surveyed are already acquainted with the WFL, which is set to be implemented in the second half of 2024. The WFL aims to promote fair and meritocratic employment practices and protect employees from workplace discrimination based on various protected characteristics. However, the survey also highlighted that 28% of companies are still unaware of this upcoming legislation, emphasising the need for continued education and awareness efforts.

Hiring Process Practices: Strategies to Minimise Discrimination

Companies are actively implementing various strategies to minimise discrimination in their hiring processes. These include strict adherence to tripartite guidelines, the establishment of anti-discrimination policies, anonymous resume checking, and conducting structured interviews that focus on skills and qualifications rather than personal characteristics. These practices demonstrate a growing commitment to fostering fair and inclusive hiring processes.

Mr Kosuke Soejima, Regional General Manager of Reeracoen, commented on the findings, stating, “The survey results paint a picture of a business landscape that is gradually evolving to embrace more flexible and inclusive working arrangements. While a significant portion still favours a traditional office-based setup, the increasing trend towards hybrid and flexible arrangements reflects the dynamic nature of modern workplaces and employees’ shifting expectations.”

Mr Kosuke Soejima, Regional General Manager for Reeracoen
Mr Kosuke Soejima, Regional General Manager for Reeracoen

Mr Shoichi Sunaga, Operations Manager of Reeracoen Singapore, added, “The introduction of the Workplace Fairness Legislation marks a significant milestone in Singapore’s journey towards a more equitable and inclusive work environment. By setting clear standards and prohibiting discrimination, this legislation establishes a crucial foundation for promoting fairness and meritocracy in all aspects of employment.”

Mr Shoichi Sunaga, Operations Manager for Reeracoen Singapore
Mr Shoichi Sunaga, Operations Manager for Reeracoen Singapore

Reeracoen Singapore, as part of the Neo-career group, is committed to leveraging these insights to drive positive change and promote fair and meritocratic employment practices.

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