SingleFAN Pro: Better Future with Fiber


BANGKOK, Sept. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — At the 2021 Asia-Pacific Target Network Conference last Friday Jeffrey Zhou, President of Huawei’s Optical Access Product Line, delivered a keynote speech titled “Fiber Brings New Digital Life Experience”.

Zhou said that all-optical access has become a global consensus, and optical access has become a key engine for national digital economy development. The continuous development and innovation of optical access services will bring more values to the global economy, ICT industry development, and operator services, and create a better digital life experience for the world.

According to a World Bank report, a 10% increase in broadband penetration will increase GDP by 1.2% to 1.3%. The EU launched the 2030 Digital Compass, and expects to invest €700 billion to achieve gigabit access for all broadband users. Germany plans to invest €4 billion in gigabit optical network coverage by 2025. China also has a dual-gigabit plan. By 2023, China will build 100 all-optical cities, develop 30 million gigabit users, and cover 400 million households. Industry analyst firm Omdia has forecast that the ratio of FTTH subscribers will get significant growth in next 5 years. Besides China, other Asia Pacific countries, including Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, also see huge growth in the FTTH user base.

“Fixed broadband is a good business,” said Zhou. One fixed home broadband user will help retain two mobile broad bad users in the same home. Therefore, more and more operators launch fixed mobile convergence (FMC) packages to reduce the churn rate and increase the ARPU. For example, a mobile operator in the Asia Pacific region actively promotes FMC packages. Through the FMC strategy, the churn rate is reduced from 3.6% to 1.3%, and the ARPU is doubled, consolidating the operator’s leading position in the market. 

According to Zhou, the home broadband sector will usher in three key opportunities in the future, including Connectivity Broadband, networking broadband, and scenario-based broadband. Huawei launches the SingleFAN Pro solution to help global operators build high-quality optical access networks in the next golden decade.

In the new FTTH network construction mode, Huawei not only provides operators with a series of OLTs, including large subracks, medium subracks, small subracks, pizza OLT, blade OLT, and super site, to help operators adapt to various network construction scenarios. More importantly, Huawei provides an end-to-end (E2E) solution for operators to identify high-value users and areas, accurately plan networks, quickly provide services, and implement intelligent remote O&M, helping operators achieve accurate planning, accurate resource management, accurate fault locating, and fast service provisioning.

Huawei provides a new DQ ODN solution for operators to address other pain points in FTTH network construction, such as slow ODN deployment, difficult ODN management, and frequent weak optical signal issues. The pre-connected FATs provided by this solution realize zero fiber splicing and plug-and-play, greatly simplifying deployment. Regular technicians can complete installation and deployment, effectively reducing the TTM by 70%. The digital capability of this solution will provide operators with a fully visualized and automated ODN network, which can ensure 100% accuracy of ODN network resources and implement minute-level and meter-level remote fault locating, greatly simplifying ODN network O&M. The FATs have a unique and fully sealed design, which effectively prevents the damage caused by human errors, weather, and environment, and greatly reduces the maintenance costs of the ODN network.

For an FTTH network, the capability of a home network almost determines user bandwidth experience. Huawei provides a series of high-performance ONTs for users. For users whose package bandwidth is lower than 500 Mbps, it is advised that the most cost-effective dual-band Wi-Fi 5 Huawei ONTs be used. For users whose package bandwidth exceeds 500 Mbps, it is advised that Huawei’s unique Wi-Fi 6 Pro products which outperform competitive products by 50% be used. For VIP users living in large residences, it is advised that Huawei’s FTTR solution be used to extend gigabit Wi-Fi coverage to each room. In addition, Huawei also provides the Premium Wi-Fi solution that works with NCE-FAN to help users automatically and intelligently locate home network problems and perform automatic optimization, effectively helping operators avoid unnecessary home visits and reduce OPEX by more than 30%.

In the future, scenario-based broadband will become the next blue ocean market. Huawei’s unique Smart Embedded ONT can accurately identify and accelerate 60+ applications. The OTN upstream port provided by the OLT implements one-hop handshake connection between the OLT and OTN, reducing the latency by more than 60%. This helps operators provide guaranteed E2E home broadband experience for users based on services and applications, improving the ARPU by more than 20%.

“Huawei has been committed to providing operators with end-to-end advanced SingleFAN Pro solutions to help them build FTTH networks with easier connection, better home network, and smarter experience. Our solutions can also help operators achieve sustainable high-quality development and contribute to the development of the global digital society,” concluded Zhou.


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