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Successful Conclusion of Singapore GTLC Summit

SINGAPORE, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On August 18, 2023, the GTLC Summit in Singapore with the theme “Connecting Asia-Pacific in Technical Leadership” concluded successfully. This event brought together 11 leading observers and practitioners from diverse fields to share insights from various perspectives, including technological innovation, AI, digitization, and global market trends. The conference aimed to foster connections between technological innovation and business opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region, empowering nearly 200 technology leaders to stand out in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Group photo of GTLC summit in Singapore
Group photo of GTLC summit in Singapore

Organized by TGO (Top Geeks’ Organization) under Geekbang, the GTLC Summit targeted CEOs, CTOs, tech VPs, tech team leaders, as well as tech company CMOs, CPOs, CIOs, and other high-level tech executives. At the GTLC Summit, each tech leader had the unique opportunity to engage with hundreds of peers and dozens of top tech industry leaders, collectively exploring the limitless potential of technology, industry, business, investment and leadership.

As the host of the GTLC Summit, TGO which has witnessed significant growth since its establishment in 2015, has enabled tech managers to continually gain value in technology, management, and cross-disciplinary fields. The club has been instrumental in helping companies overcome barriers in research and development, innovation, and management, thus propelling them towards higher-quality development. In the future, TGO will continue its global expansion, further assisting more tech managers in achieving excellence.

The morning session delved into captivating topics centered around insights into the future of technology and leading innovation trends. The opening speaker was Mr. Goh Pei Sheng, Vice President of Digital Industry Singapore. He provided an overview of Singapore’s Tech Ecosystem, introducing the charm and development strategy of Singapore’s tech ecosystem and discussing prospects for tech innovation applications.

Following that, Yonggang Wen, Professor and President’s Chair of Computer Science and Engineering, shared insights on “How AI Can Empower Businesses – The AI Wears PRADA .”Professor Wen highlighted the application of industrial AI in various settings, emphasizing digitization, optimization, and automation for improved energy efficiency and performance. He also introduced the PRADA framework – Platform, Researcher, Algorithm, Data, and Application – in a lively manner.

Mr. Pan Yang, Vice President of Geekbang Technology and General Manager of TGO , announced the establishment of TGO  in Singapore during the inauguration ceremony. He expressed the Organization’s commitment to creating a platform for peer learning and growth for Singapore’s tech talents, fostering outstanding tech leaders and facilitating bilateral exchange platforms for tech leaders and companies between Singapore and China.

Neil Han, President of TGO Singapore and CEO of Reddio, elaborated on the overall operational strategy focusing on student learning, global TGO alumni collaboration, connections with local and Western institutions, participation in local tech conferences, and expanding the Organization’s influence.

Throughout the day, a series of presentations examined global business opportunities and challenges. BMAN, Co-founder of ABCDE Capital, analyzed the cycle of blockchain technology and entrepreneurial opportunities, highlighting the flourishing period of zero-knowledge proofs and modular tech stacks.

Kai Go, Founder of NKGroup, discussed the E-commerce and Digital Marketing Landscape in Southeast Asia, emphasizing the rise of mobile shopping and social commerce in the region.

Jianggan Li, Founder & CEO of Momentum Works, TGO Member, and author of “Launching Global Tech Ventures from SG – Key Success Factors,” shared insights on starting a global market from Singapore, emphasizing key factors like timing, people, and product in the globalization process.

Kredivo CTO Chao Gao shared strategies for building world-class engineering teams in the USA and SEA, focusing on setting clear goals and respecting cultural diversity.

Yaw Yeo, Chief Revenue Officer of Xendit, explored differences in the tech ecosystems of the US, China, and SEA, highlighting Southeast Asia’s unique characteristics and potential opportunities.

The GTLC Summit in Singapore offered a variety of activities, including student closed-door meetings, visits to Alibaba Cloud, SoSo Space, ChainUp, and Huawei, nature walks, evening runs, and a tech leaders’ dinner, providing both learning and networking opportunities beyond the main sessions.

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