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Synbio Tech’s Innovative Probiotic Approach Revitalizes Gut and Vaginal Microbiota in Pregnant Women with Candidiasis

KAOHSIUNG, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative research and proprietary technologies have placed Synbio Tech, Inc. (1295:TT) at the forefront of the probiotics field. The company’s advancements not only enhance probiotic production efficiency but also significantly benefit intestinal health, aligning with the rising global demand for probiotics. Synbio Tech’s ongoing innovations, underscored by its plan to build a new manufacturing facility in Kaohsiung Science Park, reaffirm its growing influence in the expanding global probiotic market. According to Mordor Intelligence, this market is expected to grow from US$73.377 billion in 2023 to US$105.49 billion by 2028, highlighting the increasing relevance of probiotics in health and nutrition. Recently, the spotlight has been on the potential of probiotics in women’s health, a sector ripe for market growth. Synbio Tech is poised to be a key player in this arena, especially with its groundbreaking probiotic product SynForU™-HerCare for vaginal candidiasis. This latest research marks a significant stride in maternal healthcare, offering promising benefits for the health and well-being of pregnant women.

Synbio Tech’s recent study reveals that their SynForU-HerCare probiotic effectively reduces vaginal candidiasis in pregnant women. This common condition during pregnancy can impact both mother and baby’s health. The study shows that SynForU-HerCare, by suppressing harmful bacteria like Prevotella and Atopobium and boosting beneficial Lactobacillus, helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal and vaginal flora. This probiotic also supports diverse gut bacteria and Firmicutes, crucial for nutrient absorption, protection, and immune function. These findings offer a non-invasive way to enhance microbiome health during pregnancy, marking a significant advancement in women’s health. Synbio Tech’s innovation in this area underscores their commitment to advanced probiotic applications and women’s health programs.

Moreover, Synbio Tech’s continued investment in the research and development of new products serves to emphasize its ongoing commitment to innovation in the field of women’s health. On the basis of its scientific research, the company is committed to addressing the health-related challenges that women face at different stages of life, and looks forward to introducing further innovative health solutions in the future. These efforts not only demonstrate the company’s expertise in women’s healthcare but also its long-term commitment to improving women’s health worldwide.


Lactobacillus probiotics restore vaginal and gut microbiota of pregnant women with vaginal candidiasis

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