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Syrius Technology’s one-stop AMR on-site logistics solution was unveiled at the CeMAT South East Asia 2024

SINGAPORE, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From May 15th to 17th, the Singapore Logistics Technology and Transportation Exhibition (CeMAT South East Asia) was grandly held. Syrius Technology showcased its innovative AMR solutions for internal logistics handling, demonstrating its technological and product innovation advantages, and capturing the full attention of the event!

As a major global logistics hub, Singapore has always boasted world-leading logistics infrastructure and practical experience. Therefore, the Singapore market is a “touchstone” for the technical strength and delivery capabilities of logistics technology companies. At this exhibition, Syrius Technology focused on the local market demands, displaying the FlexSwift and FlexPorter series AMR products, along with a one-stop on-site logistics solution, offering more suitable AMR products and solution choices for customers in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

At the exhibition, Syrius Technology showcased its star product designed for the “smart factory” – the FlexPorter series AMR. Additionally, they demonstrated an on-site logistics solution for relay transportation from raw material outbound to line-side warehouses. In this solution, the FlexPorter DO autonomous mobile robot uses a lifting structure to carry and transport raw materials to the distribution area, followed by the FlexPorter GO autonomous mobile robot completing the line-side relay transportation task. Moreover, the picking-while-sorting assistant robot FlexSwift focused on demonstrating the “smart warehouse” solution that improves order fulfillment efficiency through “dynamic zone picking”. In this solution, equipped with Syrius Technology’s self-developed AMR applet, the FlexSwift AMR completed the raw material picking operation from the “material supermarket” to the production line.

The FlexPorter series and FlexSwift series AMRs showcased at this exhibition both feature multi-sensor fusion SLAM navigation technology, including laser and machine vision, maintaining stability in positioning and navigation, flexibility in path planning, and precision in motion control even in dynamically complex environments. The flexible, adaptive, and precise characteristics make Syrius Technology’s AMRs stand out among similar products, adding much to the brilliance of this exhibition.

As a global leader in AMR technology, Syrius Technology has a deep understanding of “smart factories” and “smart warehouses”. In the future, we will continue to provide high-value solutions for more manufacturing and warehousing customers, helping to efficiently achieve digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading.

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