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TiNDLE Foods Announces Brand-New TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, the Company’s First Innovation to be Developed, Produced and Exported from Singapore

  • The food tech company launches its latest product, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, completely designed, manufactured, and exported out of Singapore
  • TiNDLE Chicken Pieces are rolling out at popular restaurant groups in two of the world’s food tech hubs, Singapore’s SaladStop! and The Netherlands’ SLA, offering a versatile protein option for menu variety and culinary creativity
  • The new product was conceptualised and developed out of TiNDLE Foods’ Global Innovation Centre in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, TiNDLE Foods, formerly Next Gen Foods, announces the launch of TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, marking the inaugural export of a locally-produced plant-based meat and the first product by the company to be wholly designed and manufactured in Singapore. The new TiNDLE Chicken Pieces are now available as a delicious and convenient protein choice at popular fast casual restaurants, SaladStop! in Singapore and SLA in The Netherlands.

TiNDLE Foods launches its latest product, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces – its newest innovation to be completely designed, manufactured, and exported out of Singapore
TiNDLE Foods launches its latest product, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces – its newest innovation to be completely designed, manufactured, and exported out of Singapore

Designed with maximum versatility and culinary creativity in mind, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces can be prepared with any type of sauce or marinade and pair perfectly as toppings in salads or bowls, as the main protein in a wrap or burrito, or in stir fry or noodle dishes – all while maintaining their savoury flavour and firm chew. TiNDLE Chicken Pieces are made of only five ingredients, which are all GMO-free, including water, soy protein, sunflower and rapeseed oils, natural flavourings, and salt. For every serving, they provide 19g of protein, 6g of fibre, and contain no cholesterol.

In March 2021, TiNDLE Foods debuted its flagship product, a malleable and one-of-a-kind plant-based chicken that was made with chefs, for chefs, in less than a dozen restaurants in Singapore including popular destinations such as Love Handle and Three Buns. Today, the brand sells TiNDLE Chicken to thousands of locations globally including both restaurants and grocery stores – now with seven products available for foodservice and six products for retailers. The introduction of its latest product, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, allows chefs and operators the opportunity to recreate their favourite recipes using delicious and convenient chicken pieces, but without the use of animal meat.

Supporting Singapore Innovation
TiNDLE Chicken Pieces are the result of extensive research, development, and testing conducted at its global R&D and innovation headquarters and led by its experienced team of food scientists and technologists under its Chief Technology Officer, John Seegers. TiNDLE’s brand-new pieces are the first product to be entirely conceptualised from initial idea to execution at the company’s Global Innovation Centre and produced locally in Singapore at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

With the start-up’s latest developments in the region, the company is showing how Singapore can play a leading role as a global food tech hub to help solve the world’s growing climate crisis and food security. As part of its broader ’30 by 30′ initiative, Singapore plans to reduce its reliance on food imports and outside producers – aiming to produce 30% of its own food and agricultural needs by the year 2030. The push also comes as TiNDLE increases its global reach by expanding its presence in some of the world’s largest markets for meat consumption, including Western Europe and the United States – while continuing to increase its availability in Singapore.

“Both Singapore and The Netherlands have embraced the future of food by creating ecosystems that support companies on a mission to create a more sustainable food system,” says Andre Menezes, CEO and Co-Founder of TiNDLE Foods. “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, which are an entirely original product that has been fully designed and produced in Singapore, and now a plant-based meat export that we hope will entice foodies and consumers globally.”

Since 2021, TiNDLE Foods has also sold and manufactured its products in the Netherlands, where there is a strong concentration of food tech and innovation – particularly in the plant-based space – and an established awareness of the category amongst consumers. The country currently boasts the highest consumption of plant-based foods per capita in Europe.

Customise with TiNDLE Chicken Pieces
This month, in celebration of National Day in Singapore, SaladStop! is serving TiNDLE Chicken Pieces across all their locations as the main chicken protein in their new ‘Homegrown’ Bowl. As part of SaladStop!’s brand-new ‘Homegrown’ initiative, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces are included in a line-up of fresh ingredients and products that have been exclusively grown and manufactured in Singapore, reinforcing both brands’ commitment to providing sustainable and delicious foods to local diners. The new pieces are also part of the latest offerings of ready-to-eat meals from GoodFoodPeople by SaladStop!, available at all-natural grocer, Little Farms.

SLA, the plant-focused salad bar with 16, soon to be 17, locations across The Netherlands’ major cities, is known for serving healthy, delicious, and nutritious foods that leave a smaller footprint on the planet with each meal. Earlier this summer, they rolled out a new seasonal menu, which features the new TiNDLE Chicken Pieces as one of their primary protein options – perfectly roasted and served on top of their Summer Caesar Salad and much-loved highlight in their Caesar Wrap.

Operators looking for samples or more information on TiNDLE Chicken Pieces can email For more information on TiNDLE Foods’ full line of products, please visit or follow on Instagram or LinkedIn.

About TiNDLE Foods
Founded in 2020, TiNDLE Foods is a food tech start-up developing and commercialising delicious, innovative, and sustainable plant-based food brands. TiNDLE Foods is backed by a team with proven experience in plant-based food technology, global brand development, and distribution scaleup. For more information, visit

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