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Tranter taking on extensive offshore oil and gas project in Brazil

SINGAPORE, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A global supply chain combined with the capability and proven track-record of delivering plate heat exchangers customized for Offshore operations gave Tranter an extensive order for an Offshore oil and gas project in Brazil. The order has a total of thirty-eight (38) large plate and frame heat exchangers in titanium that will be installed top sides on two new FPSO (Floating production storage offloading), operated offshore in Brazil.

The heat exchangers were ordered by a major FPSO contractor and operator based in Singapore, while the FPSO itself will be built in China, after fabrication it will sail off for operation offshore Brazil. Thirty-six (36) of the plate heat exchangers for the order will be built at the Tranter facility in Beijing, China, which is conveniently located close to the module yard where the utility and produced water modules will be integrated. Four (4) of the heat exchangers for the crude stabilization module will be built in Tranter’s facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as these heat exchangers will be integrated on modules built in the yard in Brazil.

“Tranter’s global supply base with the capability and proven track-record of delivering plate heat exchangers fit for Offshore operations in both China and Brazil, along with our long experience and service capabilities in Brazil were a dealbreaker and was exactly what the customer needed. With the technical capability and global coordination that we provide from our global EPC Sales team together with our local sales team in Singapore and the service team in Brazil, we managed to meet all the customers’ needs.” says Thomas Cassirer, Director EPC & Global Energy.  

The heat exchangers will be used in the crude oil stabilization and process cooling medium cooling applications on the FPSOs top side modules. In the crude stabilization application, Tranter’s plate heat exchangers will handle severe operating conditions to first heat up the crude oil from the well to separate gases and to reach the temperature needed for the desalting process. The heat exchangers will then be used to cool down the desalted oil to storage temperature, and to cool the separated produced water from the desalter to be pumped back overboard. Some of the heat exchangers will be applied in the utility module to cool down process cooling medium using seawater, which are key for supplying cold process cooling medium to the rest of the top side equipment onboard the two FPSOs.

“Knowing how to design a plate heat exchanger for difficult process applications such as for crude oil mixed with saline water and hydrocarbon gas is not something every plate heat exchanger supplier can do. With our vast experience in offshore applications and our capability to show customers that we know what we are doing and that we know what they require for a process, it gives a great advantage. For Offshore applications, efficiency and reduced plot space, without sacrificing reliability and serviceability, are key factors when designing plate heat exchangers,” says Simon Gittins, Area Sales Manager EPC Asia.  

As the heat exchangers will be delivered, Tranter’s highly capable service organization in Brazil will be committed and responsive to take care of all the customer’s need during operation.  


Madeleine Sestan Bach
Global Marketing Manager 

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