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As the pioneer of EYE CARE TV, SKYWORTH is committed to protecting family eye health.

MANILA, Philippines, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For 13 years, SKYWORTH has been a prominent force in the Philippine TV market consistently ranking among the Top 3 in sales. Notably, their EYE CARE TV category has gained immense popularity among consumers. With a local factory in the Philippines, SKYWORTH is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and responsive customer service. Supported by a global network of 11 research and development centers and over 1800 engineers, SKYWORTH is committed to delivering cutting-edge EYE CARE technology to viewers. SKYWORTH has been exploring core eye protection technologies for 23 consecutive years, offering comprehensive solutions in both hardware and software. It is expected that next year, the latest innovative anti-glare screen EYE CARE technology will make its debut in the Philippines.

SKYWORTH EYE CARE Technology——Flicker Free & Low Blue Light
SKYWORTH EYE CARE Technology——Flicker Free & Low Blue Light

Speaking of hardware EYE CARE technology, SKYWORTH introduces a range of innovations. This is evident in its features:

  • Anti-glare screen ——This feature minimizes the impact of ambient light on movie viewing, ensuring excellent display quality even in daytime or well-lit environments. These combined technologies create a holistic eye-care solution that makes SKYWORTH stand out.
  • Flicker-Free ——Employs seamless transitions in dimming mode and DC dimming, effectively eliminating invisible flicker hazards and ensuring a comfortable and safe viewing experience.
  • Low Blue Light ——Integrate specialized bulbs designed to significantly reduce harmful blue light emissions within the 415nm-455nm range, contributing to enhanced family health.
  • Light-sensitive Screen Adjustment ——Continuously adapting brightness and color temperature in real-time in response to ambient lighting changes. This feature ensures a viewing experience that is not only enjoyable but also gentle on the eyes.

Their health-focused software EYE CARE technology includes Night Mode, automatically adjusting screen color for nighttime viewing comfort, Eye protection Mode, intelligently adapting backlight to scene brightness; and auto Volume Control, ensuring a seamless auditory experience. These software-driven features complement hardware innovations, prioritizing viewer comfort and well-being.

In the Philippines, the eye-care TV series currently available include SUE7800, SUE7600, SUE6800, SUF7200, and SUF6300, all of which have garnered unanimous praise from consumers. For more details, please visit: or

SKYWORTH’s pioneering efforts in EYE CARE technology are evident by combining cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. As a leader in this field, they not only embrace technology but also bring the promise of a healthier and higher-quality life to their users.

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