reveals LGBTIQ+ travel barriers & opportunities in Aotearoa


– launches global research with LGBTIQ+ travellers and ‘Postcards from Pride’ – a local visual campaign in partnership with award-winning Kiwi photographer Becki Moss fundraising for OutLine Aotearoa

QUEENSTOWN, Australia, Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — announces new research with LGBTIQ+ travellers and launch of Postcards from Pride, a local photo project with award-winning Kiwi photographer Becki Moss.

With travel restrictions resulting in this year’s Winter Pride being cancelled, and this key moment of travel and celebration put on hold for LGBTIQ+ communities, it’s more important than ever to reflect on the challenges they face. With this campaign, aims to create a more inclusive experience when travel becomes a possibility again.

Postcards from Pride

Each postcard features a diverse representation and stories from LGBTIQ+ travellers across Aotearoa. The stories highlight the challenges faced by the community whilst travelling, and celebrate how travel can make the world a more inclusive place. The postcards are available for purchase for pre-ordered prints, digital and social media versions from the Postcards from Pride website. All proceeds from the campaign will be donated in support of OutLine Aotearoa.  

LGBTIQ+ Travel Today in Aotearoa

Key findings of the study include that over half (58%) of Kiwi travellers say they have to consider their safety and wellbeing as an LGBTIQ+ traveler when picking a destination and over half (60%) also believe that traveling as part of the LGBTIQ+ community means that some destinations are off limits.

While these insights expose the concerns that weigh on many LGBTIQ+ travelers’ minds, often before they’ve even arrived at their destination, there are also more promising signs with 88% of LGBTIQ+ travelers surveyed believing the majority of the experiences they’ve had so far have been welcoming.  

More Welcoming Stays for Everyone

To support creating a more inclusive travel experience, today is announcing the launch of its Travel Proud programme in Australia and New Zealand. The Travel Proud initiative is for accommodation providers to become a Proud Certified property on via a free 75-minute online Proud Hospitality training session that has developed in partnership with HospitableMe.

To find out more about, its Travel Proud study and ‘Postcards from Pride’, head to the Postcards from Pride website.


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