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Heavens Entertainment to premiere first live-action movie from Singapore in Japanese cinemas

SINGAPORE, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a groundbreaking announcement for Singapore and Japan, Heavens Entertainment will debut HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot, a fully produced-in-Singapore movie, in Japanese cinemas this November.

The movie marks a historic milestone as it is also Singapore’s first live-action feature film of the mecha genre, a genre of Japanese manga and anime that features or focuses on mechanical innovations such as robots and cyborgs.

HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot is a fully Singaporean production, making it a remarkable achievement for the Singaporean film industry. Heavens Entertainment chose Japan for the world premiere because the country is the birthplace of the mecha genre.

HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot Visual
HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot Visual

The Singapore-made film is an action-adventure drama with offbeat humor, following the journey of a struggling young pilot, Kai, and his fighter mecha, Little Dragon. Set against a backdrop of epic galactic warfare, the movie explores Kai’s dream of joining the Mecha Corps to bring peace to a war-torn world and the unique friendship that develops between him and his mecha.

Rich Ho is the visionary behind the film, serving as Producer, Director, Writer, Film Music Composer, Art Director/Set Designer, Director of Photography, and co-Visual Effects Supervisor.

HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot is a story to be enjoyed together with friends and family. Just as Kai, the film’s lead character, grows as he steps up to make a difference around him, and fights against a world that tells him how things are impossible, the making of this movie is very much 11 years of my own personal story. It is one I have made together with people whom I now consider my friends and family – people of very different cultures and backgrounds, but all walking together in the same direction towards a common vision of creating this story,” said Rich Ho, CEO of Heavens Entertainment.

First stop: Japan

Elles Films will be distributing the movie in Japan. As an up-and-coming film distributor, it brings a strategic advantage that allows the production team to tap into the pulse of current marketing trends, particularly among the vibrant younger generation.

To be released in Japan as Mechaverse: Shōnen to Robotto, the film has attracted top award-winning and popular Japanese voice actors such as Kenshô Ono and Hanae Natsuki, to lend their voices to the characters. The theme song is composed by Japan’s 2023 Grammy Awards winner Masanori Takumi and performed by popular girl group Chō Tokimeki Sendenbu.

The world premiere of HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot (Mechaverse: Shōnen to Robotto) is scheduled for November 2023 in Japan.

Heavens Entertainment aims to leverage Japan as a springboard to other territories around the world, including Singapore.

For more information on the Japanese version of the film, visit the official website (Japanese only) at


Established in 2016, Heavens Entertainment is a Singapore-based company managing the HEAVENS® entertainment franchise. Heavens Entertainment has a global vision to bring to international audiences entertainment that is good, clean and fun.

Heavens Entertainment believes in employing innovative technology and visual effects production methods, introducing massive time and cost savings, in turn transforming the film and entertainment industry. The HEAVENS® Universe continues to be shaped and formed through such collaborations with like-minded partners and creatives from all over the world.

At the heart of the HEAVENS® franchise is a wish to captivate audiences with stories that inspire, and bring hope and joy. With plans in the pipeline to launch other media platforms, audiences can look forward to experiencing an immersive journey into the HEAVENS® Universe.

For more information about HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot and Heavens Entertainment, please visit:

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