MissFresh Partners With Mondelēz to Deliver New Oreo Zero Cookies Across China


BEIJING, Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MissFresh (NASDAQ: MF) and OREO’s parent company Mondelēz International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDLZ) have partnered to debut OREO’s new range of sugar-free sandwich cookies – Oreo Zero – on MissFresh’s on-demand retail platform, allowing online shoppers across China to get their hands on a healthier option of the classic snack in as fast as 30 minutes. This is part of MissFresh’s ongoing efforts to introduce more nutritious and healthier choices to its app and WeChat Mini Program users.

Young people are increasingly health-conscious and looking to cut down on their sugar intake, which means that many are avoiding sugary treats. OREO chose MissFresh as the online retail partner for the launch of its sugar-free Oreo Zero line to leverage the popularity of MissFresh’s speedy grocery delivery service (39 minutes on average) with its established customer base of quality-focused young shoppers in China.

To mark the Oreo Zero launch and boost sales, MissFresh held an OREO Super Brand Day on August 17 – this is one of MissFresh’s latest initiatives to introduce its customers to new products launched by major fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands. The new sugar-free OREO Zero range offers two flavors: Oreo Zero Cookies, which has the classic OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookie taste, and rose-flavored Oreo Zero Thin Cookies that are 40% thinner and thus crunchier.

MissFresh has worked with Mondelēz International, Inc. for several years and stocks its popular brands such as OREO and Chips Ahoy!. The two companies have also strengthened their cooperation in marketing, which has seen MissFresh organize several Super Brand Days over the last year to promote Mondelēz products.

Mondelēz is not the only company that has tapped into MissFresh’s expansive retail network and quality-focused customer base. In the second quarter of this year alone, MissFresh held Super Brand Day events with more than 20 brands, including dairy companies Yili Group (SHA: 600887) and Mengniu Dairy (SEHK: 02319). Top consumer brands such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Genki Forest have also selected MissFresh as the fresh food e-commerce platform on which to launch new products, drawn by MissFresh’s dynamic and growing customer base that has the coveted behaviour of frequently buying multiple items in one purchase. This allows brands to reach customers even more quickly.

While MissFresh’s core revenue has historically come from fresh produce, the company is continuously expanding the diversity of its product range to include fast-moving consumer goods. As of March 31 this year,  fresh products (including fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and dairy products) accounted for 58% of gross merchandise value (GMV), while FMCG accounted for 42% of GMV – FMCG has gradually also become one of MissFresh’s core competitive advantages.

Supplementing MissFresh’s fast same-day delivery service available for more than 4,300 products through its network of on-demand Distributed Mini Warehouses (DMWs), the company also offers more than 20,000 products for next-day delivery to meet customer demand for a wider variety of fresh produce and fast-moving consumer goods. MissFresh’s DMWs integrate warehousing, sorting and distribution to streamline the retail distribution chain.

In 2020, MissFresh held its first supply chain ecosystem conference and announced the launch of the “Ten Billion Club” plan to strengthen cooperation with leading strategic suppliers and continue to consolidate product supply chains. To date, MissFresh has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many top fresh food and fast-moving consumer goods brands. With a focus on direct product procurement from its place of origin and original producers, MissFresh aims to increase its range of FMCG offerings and provide users with a one-stop solution for their daily shopping needs.

About MissFresh Limited

MissFresh Limited (NASDAQ: MF) is rebuilding neighborhood retail from the ground up in China with our innovative technology and business model. We invented the Distributed Mini Warehouse (DMW) model to operate an integrated online-and-offline on-demand retail business focusing on offering fresh produce and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs). Through our “MissFresh” mobile application and Mini Program embedded in third-party social platforms, consumers can easily purchase quality groceries at their fingertips and have the finest products delivered to their doorstep in 39 minutes on average. Leveraging our core capabilities, we launched our intelligent fresh market business in the second half of 2020. This innovative business model is dedicated to standardizing and transforming fresh markets into smart fresh malls. We have also built up a full stack of proprietary technologies that empower a wide range of participants in the neighborhood retail business, such as supermarkets, fresh markets and local retailers, to jumpstart and efficiently operate their business in a digital way across smart omni-channel marketing, smart supply chain management and store-to-home delivery capabilities.

For more information, please visit: http://ir.missfresh.cn

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