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SingNow Turns 7: Users Share Their Favorite Memories and Look Ahead to the Future

Ho Chi Minh City, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — August 2023 marks a significant milestone in the journey of the online karaoke application, SingNow, as it officially celebrates its 7th anniversary in the Vietnamese market. To commemorate this special occasion and express gratitude to millions of users, SingNow has organized a grand series of events under the theme “Mừng Sinh Nhật SingNow 7 Tuổi – Vượt Mọi Giới Hạn” (Celebrating SingNow’s 7th Birthday – Overcoming All Boundaries), featuring a vibrant and captivating of 15 smaller events. Despite having completed nearly half of the campaign (which started on July 21 and will end on August 20), the enthusiasm for the program has not waned.

Less than a month from now, the offline party “Mừng SingNow 7 Tuổi – VƯỢT MỌI GIỚI HẠN” will officially take place at the Grand Palace Hotel. With the commitment to prioritize user experience, the SingNow team has organized a special interview session for users to share their thoughts after participating in this event series.

Ms. Kim (UID on SingNow 2602), who is present in almost every SingNow’s event, shared her excitement: “I have known SingNow since I was in high school. Knowing that SingNow is celebrating its 7th anniversary, I am extremely thrilled and eager to join this special event. I still remember that back then, SingNow was the only karaoke app available in the Vietnamese market. Thanks to SingNow, I have made many new friends who share the same passion for singing, and until now, we still meet up occasionally to enjoy music together.”

Mr. Nam Giang (Nick name on SingNow: Giang Nam) enthusiastically shared his story: “My wife and I met each other on SingNow while participating in events together. I must say that every event organized by SingNow is meaningful and exciting. I want to express my gratitude to the SingNow leadership team for creating such an enjoyable and interactive platform for us to connect and create memorable experiences.”

Tran Van Thinh, a high school student from Nha Trang, has participated in the online events of this birthday celebration. He said, “I got to know SingNow through the event “Hoa Minzy became the brand ambassador of SingNow.” Since then, I have joined many exciting SingNow events and have never been disappointed because each event is always captivating and interesting. I’m sure the “Mừng sinh nhật SingNow 7 tuổi” event is no exception.”

Through interviews with SingNow’s users about the event series, Mrs. Hailee – SingNow’s General Director cum Co-Founder, shared her thoughts: “I sense the excitement and passion for singing among millions of users in the SingNow community in Vietnam. I hope this event not only brings people together through music but also provides them with joy and memorable experiences. SingNow continues to assert its role as one of the leading karaoke applications in Vietnam and will undoubtedly continue to provide users with amazing experiences in the future.”

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