WWSE 2021 Kicks off in September, with World’s 500 + Brands Joining Ice and Snow “Moments”


BEIJING, Sep. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — One year later, we meet again in the global gathering of “The Power of Ice and Snow”, and a feast for the ice and snow industry is ready to begin.

China has achieved its first centenary development goal as scheduled by building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way by 2021 and is now marching towards the second centenary goal of building China into a great modern socialist country in all respects. The World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo (hereinafter referred to as WWSE) 2021 is the first WWSE after China has achieved its first centenary development goal and is on the eve of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. An important and far-reaching influence will be unleashed on the development of the global ice and snow industry.

Continuing the theme of “The Power of Ice and Snow”, this WWSE will be held on 2-7 September at the China National Convention Center and Shougang Park simultaneously. With the general idea of “realizing the docking with international winter sports resources and promoting the development of China’s ice and snow industry”, it integrates exhibitions, forums, industry docking and special events to present an internationalized, industrialized and popularized global ice and snow industry event.

As the No. 1 exposition in the global ice and snow industry, the WWSE 2021 sets up a display area of nearly 20,000 square meters, providing broader space for exhibitors worldwide. It acts as an excellent platform for the ice and snow culture to reach more people and for better products promotion, industry contacts and cooperation of winter sports. In addition to the National Pavilion with Italy, Austria, Japan, Czech Republic, Belarus and other countries involved, the Shougang Park in Beijing will feature the latest preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, globally renowned ice and snow brands, ice and snow technology innovations and winter tourism destinations.

Panoramic Display of the Preparations to Fully Release the Charm of the Winter Olympics

The WWSE this year will further improve the promotion of winter sports and advancement of ice and snow industry by strengthening the integration of domestic and overseas resources, innovating exhibition mode and upgrading the experience of activities. In the critical period of the preparation for the Winter Olympics, more energy will be accumulated with the fruitful results of the Tokyo Olympics.

Fascinating displays will be presented in both exhibition halls of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the Chinese Olympic Committee. The former will show the overall preparation and latest progress of the Olympic Winter Games, and the positive results of green and frugal Olympic Games. Focusing on the Winter Olympics competition zones, training base, service guarantee, venue construction, event operation, high-tech Winter Olympics and urban development, the exhibition hall enables the audience to have a more intuitive understanding of the Winter Olympics, feel its atmosphere up close, so as to showcase the changes that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will bring to promote urban development and create a better life.

With the theme of “Tokyo to Beijing“, the latter will display the Chinese national team’s participation in all the disciplines of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the glorious achievements of the Chinese sports delegation at the Tokyo Olympics, the 300 million people participating in winter sports, and the online China House through graphic presentations, promotional videos and athlete performances.

As the official urban renewal service partner of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Shougang Group will reflect the combination of Olympic sports and urban development, the reuse of industrial heritage and the revival of industrial areas. Yanqing District, as one of the hosts of Olympic Winter Games will set up such sections as “Preparations for Olympic Winter Games”, “Beijing-Zhangjiakou Tourism Belt for Sports Culture”, “International Ski Tourism Destination”, “Two Zones Construction” and “Five Aspects Linkage” through diversified media forms and exhibitions, presenting important nodes and moving events in preparing for and securing the Winter Olympics.

Shijingshan District will demonstrate its fruitful achievements in the construction of a demonstration zone of “driving 300 million people to participate in winter sports” through innovative “main screen + LED sky screen”. Besides, a 300-square-meter real ice rink will be built on site, and interactive activities such as blessing stamps of Winter Olympics will be launched, so that the audience can personally feel the Olympic atmosphere and ice and snow vitality.

Engagement of Ice and Snow Powers Deepening Exchanges of Global Ice and Snow Industry

“Integrating global high-quality ice and snow resources and deepening international exchange and cooperation” has always been the purpose of the WWSE. This WWSE attracts international first-class ice and snow resources from more than 20 countries, such as Italy, Austria, Japan, Czech Republic, Finland and Germany. Covering industrial services, equipment manufacturing, ice and snow culture, ice and snow tourism, sports and fitness, it brings together world-renowned winter sports facilities, equipment, clothing brands, winter sports destinations, professional operating institutions, investment institutions and training institutions, to highlight China’s image of trade in services in ice and snow resources.

As the guest of honor of this WWSE, Italy is a global destination for winter sports enthusiasts with a long tradition of winter sports. The Italian Embassy in China, the China Italy Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Foreign Trade Commission and the Italian National Tourist Board, together with 22 Italian enterprises, will showcase Italian winter sports equipment and technology, which is known for technology, design and reliability. An “old friend” of the WWSE, the Italian famous brand TechnoAlpin, established 31 years ago, will accurately convey the corporate strength and brand advantages through the display of special models of ice and snow equipment, real snow display, and thematic interaction of winter games to open a broader space for cooperation.

Austria, another ice and snow power, has integrated a series of well-known ice and snow brands such as Doppelmayr, Wintersteiger, HEAD and Snow51 to fully demonstrate its ice and snow strength. The exhibits contain alpine technology, outdoor snow equipment, ski equipment, ski teaching and training as well as ice making equipment and technology.

Well-known enterprises will also bring wonderful displays to present the rise of China’s ice and snow industry. Eurojoy, a veteran player who has participated in the WWSE for several times, will showcase its international standard ice surface built within 48 hours, ice experience, ice teaching and ice performance, allowing exhibitors and partners to experience its technical strength and product quality up close. Furthermore, Sunac Culture & Tourism Group will exhibit its ability to manage the whole chain of ice and snow industry and its advantages in indoor ice and snow projects to convey to the industry and the public Sunac’s mission and determination to promote the development of China’s ice and snow industry through professional product services and large-scale layout. As the exclusive operator of the “GET INTO SNOW SPORTS (GISS)” program of the International Ski Federation in China, XS Sports from Changsha will display the ski instructor training course system and the public ski rating system for the Chinese market.

Gathering Cutting-edge Ice and Snow Technology, Exploring Industrial Innovation Opportunities

The WWSE 2021 will bring together many innovative technologies and up-to-date sports equipment to present a unique and exciting “High-tech WWSE”, show the world’s most cutting-edge technology, enhance the level of ice and snow innovation, and explore opportunities for innovative development of the ice and snow industry.

A large number of high-tech achievements in systematic organization for competitions, sports training and competition, safety control, intelligent viewing, green and intelligent integrated demonstration will be unveiled, demonstrating the integration of technology and winter sports.

In the ice and snow technology exhibition area, intelligent venues, ice and snow black technology, event broadcasting technology and ice and snow wearable devices will immerse the public in the charm of ice and snow technology. In the indoor ice and snow technology exhibition area, people can experience up-close domestic and international leading indoor ski parks, ice rinks, roller skating and dry ski solutions, and learn about new equipment and new technologies. In addition, Yanqing District also shows a series of products that integrate technology and the Olympic Games, including natural disaster sensing system and hydrogen car technology in safeguarding the Winter Olympics, as well as AI robots for self-directed interview and 5G automatic gates in serving sports. All of these put technology-enabled Winter Olympics into practice.

The Cloud WWSE will be held simultaneously in 2021 so as to implement China’s development model driven by “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing” put forward in the “14th Five-Year Plan” and realize the “online + offline” exhibition. With cutting-edge digital technology as the carrier, the exhibitions, parallel forums, supporting activities and other sections of the offline WWSE will be digitally reproduced online. Besides, an integrated online and offline display and communication platform will be built to help realize “Cloud Docking”, “Cloud Negotiation” and “Cloud Signing” to normalize industry docking online throughout the year so as to accelerate the recovery of the global ice and snow industry, and bring new opportunities for the development of global ice and snow and sports brands.

Since the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2016 was jointly hosted by the Beijing Olympic City Development Association and International Data Group, it has won over support and cooperation from the Association of International Olympic Winter Federations, federations of seven winter Olympic sports, Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Chinese Olympic Committee and All-China Sports Federation. It has become the largest and most authoritative winter sports exposition in the world and played an important role in the promotion of winter sports in China and the establishment of a dual-cycle development pattern for the ice and snow industry at home and abroad.

For more information about the WWSE, please visit: http://www.wwse2022.com/, or follow the official account of “World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo” on WeChat.

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