Haitong International Debuts the World’s First Asia High Yield Corporate USD Bond ESG ETF in Tie-In with Tabula


HONG KONG, Sept. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Haitong International Asset Management (HK) Limited (“Haitong International Asset Management”), a subsidiary of Haitong International Securities Group Limited (“Haitong International” or “the Group”; 665.HK), today announced the launch of the world’s first ESG focused Asia ex Japan high yield corporate USD bond ETF. This ETF was jointly developed by Haitong International Asset Management and Tabula Investment Management Limited (“Tabula”), a UK-based asset manager and ETF provider.

This ETF is also Haitong International’s first listed fund in Europe. The ETF tracks an Asia high yield USD bond index jointly developed by Haitong International Asset Management, Tabula and IHS Markit, and also utilizes MSCI ESG data which allows the ETF to provide professional investors with broad exposure to Asia ex Japan USD High Yield bonds while aiming to deliver enhanced liquidity and ESG profile. The ETF will be managed by Haitong International Asset Management, whose deep market expertise in Asia bond market and rich understanding in sustainable investing in emerging markets will aid in trade execution and optimizing portfolio construction.

Dr. Shengzu Wang, Global Head of Asset Management at Haitong International, said: “We are delighted to bring to market an innovative product which fills in an existing market gap. Haitong International Asset Management is one of the most experienced leaders in the high yield space, as well as one of the largest players among our peers in terms of fixed income assets under management. The introduction of this ETF marks another milestone for us on the global stage, and also showcases our commitment in promoting ESG investing.”

Tabula CEO, Michael John Lytle, added: “Working in partnership with Haitong International Asset Management, leveraging their considerable experience and on-the-ground presence in Asia, we have been able to create a solution for investors who, to date, have looked liquid Asian high yield exposure combined with robust ESG data analysis.”

Haitong International strives to instill ESG philosophy in the various areas where the company operates, and implements impact investment by leveraging on its unique capital intermediary role of investment, financing, consultancy and research.

In October 2020, Haitong International Asset Management launched the “Haitong MSCI China A ESG ETF”, the first broad-based ESG ETF listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. On the capital markets front, Haitong International has also achieved breakthrough in its green bond business by completing a total of 27 green and sustainable bond issuances in first half of 2021, more than double compared to the 2020 annual total figure.

With the outstanding performance in driving sustainable financing and overall ESG strategies implementation, Haitong International’s MSCI ESG Rating was upgraded to “A” in 2021.

Haitong International Asset Management (HK) Limited
Haitong International Asset Management (HK) Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2007. Based in Hong Kong with a global reach, it has grown to become one of the leading Chinese asset managers in the region, offering a diversified range of investment solutions for institutional, corporate and individual investors. The firm now offers unit trusts and mutual funds investing in the global equities and fixed income markets, and tailor-made discretionary institutional accounts management. In 2019, the firm successfully obtained the Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds (MRF) and started distributing fund in Mainland China.

Tabula Investment Management Limited
Tabula Investment Management Limited (“Tabula”) is an asset manager and ETF provider focused on differentiated fixed income strategies. Its ETFs provide unique solutions in the fixed income space, and help investors achieve greater control of investment risks and rewards. Tabula currently manages close to US$500 million in assets. Tabula is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We, Haitong International Securities Group Limited (“Haitong International” or “HTI”) have prepared this document/presentation (“Document”) for information purpose only.

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Index Provider Disclaimer
The fund is not sponsored, endorsed, or promoted by MSCI, and MSCI bears no liability with respect to any such fund. The prospectus contains a more detailed description of the limited relationship MSCI has with Haitong International Asset Management (HK) Limited.

Haitong International Securities Group Limited
(Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability)
Haitong International Securities Group Limited (“Haitong International”; Stock Code: 665.HK), together with its subsidiaries, is an international financial institution with established presence in Hong Kong and a rapidly expanding network across the globe. It strives to serve as a bridge linking up the Chinese and overseas capital markets. The parent company of Haitong International is Haitong Securities Co. Ltd (“Haitong Securities”, Stock Code: 600837.SH; 6837.HK).

To date, Haitong International has well positioned to serve about 200,000 corporate, institutional, as well as retail and high-net worth clients worldwide. Its well-established financial services platform provides corporate finance, wealth management, asset management, institutional clients (key businesses include fixed income, currency and commodities (FICC), derivatives, institutional equities) and investments business, and a full spectrum of financial products and services. Haitong International possesses a sound risk management system that is in line with international standards. The company has been assigned a “Baa2” long-term issuer rating by Moody’s and a “BBB” long-term credit rating by Standard and Poor’s. Haitong International has a global financial servicing network covering the world’s major capital markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, London, Tokyo, Mumbai and Sydney, thereby making it to be a leading global financial institution with international competitiveness, systematic importance and brand influence.


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