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Steel is the most heavily utilised material known to mankind. With 1,831 million tons of steel produced in 2022 alone, it accounted for approximately 7.2 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The widely practiced processes towards the production of steel has remained highly pollutive throughout the last two centuries.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MLION CORPORATION PTE. LTD. officially announced the Commercial Launch of its 2 technological innovations, GoListid and GoTagID today. The event was graced by Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr Gan Kim Yong. Attendees included representatives from various government agencies, financial institutions, built environment industries, and industry and technological partners. Developments for both innovations and how they will benefit business operations as well as play a part in environmental sustainability were presented.

The company has received continuous support from Enterprise Singapore, including efforts to scale up its solutions and adopt new technology.

Mr Lee Pak Sing, Assistant Chief Executive Officer for Trade and Connectivity at Enterprise Singapore, said: “We congratulate MLION CORPORATION for venturing into new growth areas with the launch of GoListid and GoTagID. Under Enterprise Singapore’s Scale-Up programme which supports high-growth local companies, MLION enhanced the features of its GoListid and GoTagID solutions to better cater to the steel industry’s growing demand for sustainability and circularity. Enterprise Singapore will continue to partner local enterprises like MLION to deepen their capabilities to develop innovative solutions and diversify their range of products.”

Mr Eric Leong, Chairman & CEO, MLION CORPORATION PTE. LTD., said: “MLION has a vision, and that is to disrupt an industry that is resistant to change through innovation and technology. To achieve that change, MLION needed to become a leader in the steel industry, and this was made possible through the Scale-Up programme by Enterprise Singapore. With Enterprise Singapore’s support, MLION was able to grow rapidly and regionally in manpower and operations. Embarking on Enterprise Singapore’s Singapore Global Executive Programme (SGEP), we look forward to building a larger pool of talented and critical thinkers who share the same vision as MLION.”

GoListid is an innovative B2B steel marketplace application that facilitates the buying and selling of pre-owned construction steel materials. It caters to a vast network of domestic and international market participants and helps to increase the lifetime value of steel. The promotion of reusing pre-owned steel encourages the development of a sustainable circular economy and aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the steel and construction industry. It provides an integrated solution that includes financing, logistics, and quality assurance as an additional layer of acquiring customer trust and confidence in the solution. GoListid will also be introducing the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered 5-point rust grading system. The application ensures accurate assessments of rust conditions of the materials, allowing complete transparency and accountability for buyers and sellers. Like all digitised applications, GoListid is expected to continuously evolve through multiple upgrades and versions, and in the pipeline, several advancements can be expected, for instance: Predictive Analytics and deep learning capability.

GoTagID is a first-of-its-kind tagging solution that enables the tracking and tracing of steel materials beyond the point-of-sale where conventional methods of identification and traceability have perpetually failed. The Rapide and Endure Tags are designed with state-of-the-art technology to enable tagging of steel and provide it with its own unique identity (ID) – allowing the traceability of origin, factory manufacturing data, testing records, and present and historical geolocation. The Rapide Tags has been tried, tested, and proven to be the most reliable method to address the failures of existing sticker in the processes of shipping and logistics. The Endure Tags are engineered and developed to withstand extreme heat, strong vibrations, mechanical impacts, and harsh and corrosive environments. The Endure Tags enables the materials to be reused repeatedly within their lifespan as they are compliant with BCA’s Reusability on Steel BC1 2023 regulations. In addition, both tags are ideal for providing Green Steel manufacturers with the ability to trace and store Carbon Footprint Information, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Documentation, and other relevant Green Steel Certifications unique to the material.


MLION CORPORATION PTE. LTD. is a foundation solutions provider in the steel construction industry that focuses on waterfront and underground construction markets in the Asia region. As a market leader, it offers highly customised solutions, proprietary products, innovative technologies, design and fabrication assistance, and tailored logistics at meeting the very needs of its customers. Learn more about MLION by visiting –

About GoListid

GoListid is the revolutionary digital marketplace for pre-owned construction steel materials with a focus on sustainability. It aims at facilitating the buying and selling of these materials anywhere in the world and in turn encourages the reusability of construction steel, reducing the need to scrap the steel materials and reproducing causing additional carbon footprint. Learn more about GoListid by visiting – 

About GoTagID

GoTagID is a first-of-its-kind steel tagging solution that provides tracking and tracing capabilities beyond the point of sale, suitable for harsh construction environments. It provides steel with a unique identity and enables end users the ability to trace factory origins, raw materials, as well as track present and historical geolocation of the steel asset anywhere in the world. Learn more about GoTagID by visiting – 


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